29 April 2012

Baby Shower Preview!

So yesterday my mom and grandma threw my baby shower ;)
It was so fun!!
I loved everything from the decorations and food to the great company that came ;)

I'm gonna give you a sneak peek
(I'll wait to do a full thing about it once I get the pictures back from my mom)

Isn't it cute?!
The light is a rotating Princess light my mom then gave me for her room ;)
Now there's one gift I wanted to share with y'all right now!
Now my grandma got us a crib and a pak 'n' play
and then our friend Nancy got us this:

The Disney Princess Royal Ride Travel System!
As in carseat and stroller combo! ;)
It's adorable and I love it!
Here are some close-ups!

See the Princess??
Yes it's Cinderella but honestly,
it's super cool!

Rory also got some amazing clothes,
a diaper bag,
boppy pillow covers,
and my grandma gave us this little treasure ;)

A diaper baby!
Isn't it great?!
I'm so grateful for the ladies that came to support me and baby girl,
and my mom and grandma for throwing the shower for me ;)

And I'll post more pictures after I get them from my mama
(yes I realize I already said this but I felt it necessary to repeat)


26 April 2012

Little Things

Today in AZ the weather was like this:

Overcast and storms throughout the morning ;)
Perfect weather for cookie making
(still haven't done that yet....I just made some the other day)

I had my favorite lunch:

I made my mom's macaroni salad a few days ago
and it's still delicious!

I hung up the curtains my mom made for our living room:

Aren't they awesome?!
I'm in love with them and my mom is a rockstar ;)

Earlier this week I hung up more of baby girl's clothes:

And I'm excited to get more little treasures
for her this weekend at my baby shower ;)
People are always so nice and giving
and I feel truly blessed in my life.

Thank goodness for rain, best lunch, living room curtains
and baby clothes ;)

24 April 2012

Mish-Mosh Jumble

I'm gonna warn you guys now that this post is probably gonna be a mish-mosh
jumbled up mess so don't judge ;)

First I'll talk about my GG

 This is from our visit on Saturday

She was actually pretty lucid that day,
she kept saying "You aren't old enough to have a baby are you?"
Hahahaha I said "No and you're not old enough to have a great-GREAT-grandbaby either ;)"
She just rolled her eyes at that and said
"That's amazing to think about"
It's really hard to see my GG in a bed all weak and
not at all like she used to be.
We were all there for about half an hour then my mom stayed
with her for a few more hours.
We don't leave her alone at all during the day,
or she gets agitated.
Prayers and thoughts would be appreciated for her
to have peace and to just let things happen the way they should ;)

Next on the list:

Yesterday my mom and I were looking at 
prices for our Disneyland trip in December
and we loved this deal we found!
That really isn't bad for 6 adults and an infant ;)
So that's the goal to get to ;)

And last:

A present for Rory from her GG and Papa ;)
I was so excited!!!
It's so cute and now we have a pack n play!
And this Saturday my mom and grandma are throwing me a baby shower ;)
I couldn't be more excited and more grateful for them
and that they were willing to throw me one ;)

there's only 5 weeks left of school!
Ahhhhh!!! I can hear the heavenly chorus ;)
So happy for summer
and to leave our classroom with no AC
(yeah we have no AC in our room....awesome for the pregnant lady right?)
I love my little kids and they love
talking to the baby hahahaha
when I leave everyday they make hearts with their hands
and put them on my belly as a way to say goodbye to her.
Isn't that the sweetest thing on the planet?
Sometimes they are so annoying
(as kids will be)
but then they do things like that and I melt all over again ;)

Hopefully I'll have a more coherent post later in the week hahaha
Have a great Tuesday!

20 April 2012

32 Weeks

I can't believe I've hit 32 weeks already!
I mean I could go into labor as soon as 3 weeks ish!
Let's hope she's more of an on-time baby than a 
crazy late bloomer like her mommy and daddy!
Like I have any control I know
but still it would be great timing if she came on time
(or even a week early)
We have West Side Story this summer after all
for AYT and I've got stuff to do for it hahahaha ;)
Plus I really want to meet her!! 
I'm slightly impatient.........and by slightly I mean extremely ;)

New dress,
refreshed hairs (a little more color and a trim)
and my gameboy cover ;)

How far along: 32 weeks! Almost there!
Maternity clothes: Oh yes ;) And they are SOO comfy
Stretch marks: Heavens yes hahaha, and they're getting more prominent!
Sleep: Yeah I get some hahahaha but I wake up about every
hour or two to pee or at least shift around to make Rory more comfy
Best Moment This Week: discovering that the pain I was feeling
had nothing to do with the baby therefore I could stop worrying
AS MUCH as I had been. 
And having my family come to my rescue when I was too proud to ask ;)
Movement: Constantly hahaha she doesn't sleep very often
Food cravings: Only for orange soda/slushies
but now I have to back off of those so I don't get another kidney stone :(
I know sad right?
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really,
although Pei Wei did NOT sit well with me.
But let's be honest here, Chinese rarely does sit well.
Belly button in or out: In but getting close to poppin out ;)
Nice and weird to me hahaha
Wedding rings on or off: Off :(
Gender: GIRL!!
Happy or moody: Happy. 
Though I am easily irritated and then it fizzles out quickly also
Weekly Wisdom: Um....I'm gonna write wisdom here that I have a hard time
with actually doing hahahha
Having baby's room semi-organized - ya know like
the closet's done, crib's built, but I haven't really done much else.
And to be honest again.....the closet needs some work still...
Nicknames: Rory, Little Miss, Princess, Peanut, Stinker ;)
Looking forward to: actually meeting Little Miss ;)
It's getting closer and closer and after listening to her heartbeat for half an hour
at the hospital on Tuesday night all I can think about
is holding that little crazy in my arms and snuggle her ;)

18 April 2012

Things I've Learned from Pregnancy

So a couple other pregnant ladies in the blog-o-sphere have done
these "What I Learned About Being Pregnant" so I wanted in on the action!

1. I agree with Lauren about not being prepared for your first child.
Meaning that you can read all the books, talk to everyone 
and because everything is so different,
you'll feel unprepared. 
But I can honestly say that I feel like we can handle whatever comes ;)

2. Heart-freaking-burn y'all.
I've never had it in my life and I've had it a couple times now.
Ugh ugh ugh!

3. Having to literally ROLL out of bed in the morning.
It's pretty entertaining for Andrew to watch lol

4. Working at a school while pregnant is not healthy for your
already-basically-nonexistant immune system.
But the silver lining part?
Those kids take such good care of you ;)
All 28 of my kids love this baby and say bye to her everyday when I go home,
and they make sure that I don't bend over or if I drop things,
they are so careful with me ;)
Love it ;)

5. Family is more important than ever.
They are the one constant thing you can count on
when your body is ever-changing.

6. Maternity clothes are a lifesaver!
They're all I can wear now
and they are so comfy ;)
And let's also say that maxi dresses are a gift from heaven!
Comfort and breezy in an Arizona desert,
thank you maxi goddesses ;)

7. It's hard to resist ANY baby clothing!
When we weren't sure what we were having,
any and all clothes were tempting,
now that we have a Little Miss coming,
dresses and bows and shoes are the cutest things I've ever seen ;)

8. I am constantly hot.
And I mean HOT!
Apparently being pregnant makes you 10* warmer by default
therefore I am constantly needing a fan pointed at me
and/or fanning myself with paper on top of that.

9. My bladder is constantly full,
I normally have a pretty small bladder anyways
but now I have a baby dancing/standing/headbutting it,
I get to see a lot more bathrooms hahahaha

10. Having Rory move around inside is one of the coolest things
(and weirdest when she's in a mood) in the world.
Andrew loves to feel her moving around
and talks to her and she'll kick or punch back.

11. Horomones are crazy things.
I'm often crying and laughing at myself for crying.
Especially over a fallen fork,
or a couple curtain brackets.

12. Back pain, swollen legs and feet are your new best friends ;)
Lots of flip-flops and back rubs to help soothe it a little.

13. Having your best friend as your partner in crime also is the best.
I'll give you an example.
Last night I has extreme side pain,
extreme to the point of vomiting from the pressure.
Like heartburn but in my left side so we called the doctor
and he suggested antacids since my stomach is kinda over there.
My parents were wonderful people and came to my rescue
while Andrew was at work and they picked him up too ;)
(see family is important)
After they left, the pain came back  
with a vengence.
 So we had to call the doctor again,
and he sent us to the hospital to check on baby girl
and me.
We get to the hospital and the pain stops.

Figures right?
Well anyways, they check Rory first and she's moving around so much
it was hard to get a read on her hahaha
But she's completely fine and they transferred me to the ER 
to check about the pain in my side.
After 2 samples, an ultrasound, and 5 hours later,
turns out it was only a kidney stone.
Yeah ONLY....yuck.
But back to Andrew,
he was such a great support guy/coach/keeping-me-calm person ever ;)
He would just talk to me about anything
OTHER than why we were in the hospital.
He's the greatest hubs in the world ;)

So nutshell:
Baby girl and I are fine.
I'm a little sore still on my side
and I'm gonna have to change a few things about
how I move and groove for the next 6-8 weeks
AND now we've already pre-registered
at the hospital so when we go to deliver, we're already in the system
and they have someone coming to help us sign Rory up for insurance ;)
Silver lining to a crappy, sleepless night ;)

15 April 2012

Sunday Confessions!

I almost forgot about Sunday Confessions!
Good thing baby girl woke me up around 6 this mornig so I can write them down hahaha

1. Being an CA/AZ girl, I get so excited when I see clouds and hear rain ;)

 2. I have an obsession with orange soda currently....
blame the baby y'all

 3. I've been fighting off a sickness bug for the past week and a half,
and I think I might be losing bah!

 4. Going to Wal-Mart on a Saturday is something Andrew and I 
always try to avoid and yet somehow that's usually the only
day we have free to go...and then we have to deal with the madness!

5. We had to spend $80 on a perscription for the hubster yesterday at Wal-Mart...
this whole Nasonex thing better work!

6. I also think that I might die knowing that we don't get anymore
days off of school until the end of the year!
But then again, school year's almost over,
so maybe I can make it!?

Link up!!


13 April 2012


After reading this post by Eryka, I felt like I needed to express 
how happy and nervous and excited and terrified I am to become a mother.

I know I've expressed this before 
but this is something that has been weighing on my mind for awhile
so I want to share it a little more with you.

Eryka quoted President Boyd K Packer
from this last conference and I'm gonna steal it here:

"The creation of life is a great responsibility for a married couple.
It is the challenge of mortality to be a worthy and responsible parent.
Neither man nor woman can bear children alone.
It was meant that children have two parents - both a father and a mother.
No other pattern or process can replace this one."

My goodness that's a bit awesome right?!
I am SO beyond grateful that I have my husband.
I know for a fact that I could NOT do this alone
and I know Heavenly Father is happy with us 
even though we are far from being perfect.
And I know we're going to make mistakes,
what first time parents don't after all?
But we have the Lord, and our families, to help us
when we struggle and are lost with what to do ;)

Now that we're so close to finally meeting our
little princess I'm so worried that I won't be 
the mother I've always dreamed of being.
You know what I mean?
You grow up looking up to your mom and grandma
(or aunts, cousins, whomever)
and hope that you can be as good as they are to your kids.
It's a scary thought knowing how responsible you are for this
little precious one from God.
I only hope I'm up to par for her sake ;)

I already love this little bug so much,
I don't want to disappoint her or fail her in any way.
I'm also excited to dress her up,
show her off,
pass her around for others to love on her ;)
And all the other fun stuff that comes with adorable babies ;)

 I'm enjoying having her grow inside
and keeping her comfy hahahaha
even when she decides to stretch 
and rub her feet/arm/head/butt/or whatever body part
against my ribs and the other extremities make my belly move without my consent ;)
I so wish I could video it
but then I think that's super creepy to others and it's hard to see unless you 
know what to look for hahahaha
I'm also looking forward to getting my body back in about 7-8 weeks ;)
Or at least not having constant pressure on my bladder will be super nice
and having my little one in my arms will be a major plus!

And now I'm off to watch my favorite Disney movie,
and my daughter's namesake ;)

And thank you for listening to my rambling thoughts ;)

11 April 2012


Sorry I've been a little MIA lately....it's been kinda crazy around here.
But I wanted to show you some pictures that will help describe my life lately ;)

The date we went on today ;)
SouperSalad is one of our favorite places to go ;)

For the record, this was already half gone
by the time I got to it mmmk??

This print was totally staring at us the whole
time while we were eating.....
super creepy y'all, do you see the cherry peeping over the pie tin??

What I'm considering getting for baby girl and me ;)
But in the blue print you can kinda see in the corner,
it's a huge bag and can fit all sorts of stuff in it ;)

I had to put this on here,
I guessed this regardless of it looking like a duck with one arm
hahahahaha ;)
Andrew and I do enjoy drawing stuff for each other ;)

Also, question for all you Instagram peeps,
how do you post a frame with multiple pictures??
Do you know what I mean??
Like this:

 I'm dying to know how!
So smart people, HELP ME! ;)

Hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to post soon,
as soon as more fun things start happening ;)

08 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you all enjoy the familt time today and remember why we celebrate this holiday ;)
NO not bunnies, chicks, or chocolate.
But out loving Savior who died for us and now lives for us.

I'll be spending my Easter with 
our adorable Primary kids,
then our family dinner.

I know my Redeemer lives!
I know He loves me and knows me by name.
I have felt His love for me and I know He watches over me.
I know He also forgives me for my faults,
of which there are many.
He is always there to listen and comfort in times of need.
I love my Savior.
I'm looking forward to the day that I can meet Him
face to face after laboring hard in this life
and hear Him say
"Well done" and receive a hug from my Elder Brother.

If I could ask one small favor of my readers,
my GG had to have hip replacement surgery the other day.
She had broken her hip and hadn't known it
until they took her to the hospital.
She's disoriented and doesn't really remember much at all.
If you all would just keep her in your thoughts.
If this is her time to go,
that she will go peacefully and happily without pain.
Or if she needs to stay a bit longer,
that her pain will be lessened and
that she'll be comforted to know her Savior is near.
I would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Easter and Christ lives!

06 April 2012

Work Baby Shower

So yesterday at work the lovely ladies threw me a baby shower ;)
It was so sweet and I was happy how many people came!
First off, look at this adorable cake!!

Isn't it precious?!
And delicious!
Buttercream frosting and middle, oh make me drool ;)
And Roberta said we had to have me in a picture with it

Forgive the wierd face,
I wasn't sure if the button had been pushed hahahaha

Baby girl and I got so spoiled!
She got so many cute things and I got so many useful things for her care
and I'm so grateful to everyone for their generosity ;)

^ It's a super soft blanket peeps ;)

 Kerry calls these satelite dishes and said every little girl needed them
hahahahaha ;)

SOO many cute things!
And many more came after these pictures!
My friends at Emerson are the best ;)
My kids even came in to visit on their way back to class from PE
and they all gave me high fives while we tried to explain what 
a baby shower was hahahaha
I was a little worried on how I was going to get all of this into my car by myself
when Mrs Frank asked me if I wanted some helpers instead
and I was so thankful for them! 
They came and carried everything!
And they loved going on a mini field trip to the parking lot hahahaha

Just a sampling of her new clothes!
I can't wait to dress her guys!!
Ahhhhh! ;)