01 March 2012

Truth VS Fantasy

So I watch Supernatural.
I don't know how many of you guys watch that kind of show but I love it!
It was created by the same people that did Charmed and let's face it,
we pretty much all loved Charmed didn't we? ;)
Although Supernatural is way darker and creepier than Charmed
but hey it's got Jared Paladecki (our beloved Dean from Gilmore Girls)
and Jensen Ackles so how bad could it possibly be? ;)

I mean, HELLO! ;)
My manager at the Disney Store LOVES these guys,
calls them "her boys" hahahaha
and I totally love this show.
 Demons, angels, hunters, etc.
Only here's a real twist:
the angels are also bad guys.
Well not necessarily BAD but they consider us lower than dirt cuz we're human
and they only care about beating the Devil,
no matter how many humans get burned.
Yeah anyways!

But watching this show makes me love the Gospel even more.
I know, total twist in the post right!?
Watching Supernatural and its twists and just flat out sadness,
makes me appreciate reality.
That angels care about us,
as does God who is our Father ;)
And that we are ALL working to beat the Devil at his own game
and that no matter what we do,
our Heavenly Father loves us still. 

It helps to know that as much as I love to enjoy my show,
it's NOT REAL.
How sad of a world would it be if there really wasn't 
anyone out there that cared for us?
That we have nothing to look forward to after death,
and that we'll never see our loved ones again?
Thank goodness it's not the truth!
I'm so glad that I have a loving Elder Brother
that has saved me from myself 
and all of us from our sins.
And a even more loving Heavenly Father 
that listens and answers my prayers
and knows me by name. ;)

Thank goodness for the knowledge
God has given us to help us through life. ;)
And thank goodness I have it and can share it ;)

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