15 March 2012

Third Trimester

Holy cow guys!!
I'm in my third trimester!! AHHH!
I couldn't be more happy that it's coming so fast!
Or so terrified that it's coming so fast hahahahaha
(but terrified in a good way)

Here's me at 28 weeks (like 2 days shy of the actual week)

Hee hee hee hee there's definitely a baby in there ;)

How far along? 27-28 weeks ish

Total weight gain/loss: I'm not really sure. I think I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy
weight now though. I lost a bunch because of being sick :(
But I'm gaining about 3 pounds every 4 weeks now,
and I'm watching it too cuz I don't wanna gain too much.

Maternity clothes? Um heck yes. Basically that's all I can fit into hahaha

Stretch marks? Oh yeah hahahaha I had those before
baby girl was growin in there, now there's just more of them ;)

Sleep: Eh. I have to go to the bathroom like every hour
starting at 5 every morning.
She's gonna be an early riser apparently.
And she loves to move all night long.

Best moment this week: My mom felt her kick!
And it wasn't like a timid kick, oh no!
It was a KUNG FU warrior kick hahahaha
but it made grandma proud ;)

Movement: Like I said, all the time at night
and whenever I get tired in the afternoon and want a nap
she moves around so much it makes me seasick hahaha

Food cravings: Nothing really other than root beer.
And even that craving has kinda gone away....

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Not as much as there used to be.
Certain smells still make me queasy
 but not so much that I can't function anymore ;)

Have you started to show?
Um yeah......see picture above hahahaha


Belly button in or out?
Mostly in, although it's starting to stretch

Wedding rings on or off?
Off :( Fat fingers :(

Happy or Moody most of the time?
Happy mostly.
I mean there are days but mostly I'm happy
and excited and love bonding with Peanut ;)

Weekly Wisdom:
Bah! Wisdom?! Me?!
I guess to sleep as much as possible,
show your hubs (or partner) how much you love
and appreciate them cuz you are not easy to deal with
sometimes ;)
Also, don't sit on the floor when you know you're gonna need help
getting back up hahahaha

Reaching my third trimester!
Also I got my diabetes test results back today
and I'm normal!
They aslo did a hemoglobin test and I learned
that i have an iron deficiency.
No big deal y'all I just have to now take an iron supplement
and a pre-natal ;)
Silly Rory is stealing all my iron!

And don't worry soon I'll post pictures of all the projects my mom and I did
over the break!
Let's just say that it included 4 baby blankets and 3 sets of curtains ;)
My mama rocks!!



    Cute. I love the bump.

  2. Loved reading this! Yay for normal results regarding diabeters. True that about sitting on the floor.. I always needed help up lol

  3. WOOHOO! For making it to the third trimester! That is so exciting! And your belly is so cute! I love it! :] I still can't wait to see the cute things you made with your mom! And I can't wait to start making things now that we know our baby is a GIRL!!


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