25 March 2012

Sunday Confessions!

Woot! I love Sunday Confessions!
So here we go!

1. I never fail to cry every time I see this

and I do mean every time.
Same with the firefly in Princess and the Frog.

2. Oftentimes I get so hungry so I make food,

and then when it's done,
I'm not hungry anymore......it's the worst.....

3. Being pregnant sure has its ups and downs.
Like coughing or sneezing or laughing and therefore causing me to need 
Kirstie Alley in her fairy outfit in my bathroom to rescue me hahahaha

So sweet of baby girl isn't it? ;)

4. I am dying to go on a vacation!

What I wouldn't give for a beach
and the salty sea air 
blowing my hair all sorts of crazy directions ;)
But alas, no money and no swimsuit so therefore no beach :(

5. I'm actually super bummed I can't go to the zoo with my kiddos
in April :(

Due to being in my third trimester and all I can't walk
around for hours on end.
But I am so sad that I'll miss that experience :(
Oh well, I think they'll live without me,
they're so excited to see all the animals and 
they promised to tell me all about it the next day at school ;)

Y'all should link up too!

P.S. come back tomorrow for MY Hunger Games review,
and if you haven't seen it


  1. Don't kill me... I've never seen that movie!! It's "Up," right? Sheesh I'm so deprived.
    And I do the same thing with food. But it's because I snack while I'm making it.
    And that stinks that you'll miss the zoo!!

  2. Up made me bawl like a baby when I saw it. You're not alone.

  3. I always cry in number 1 as well and I have been bummed made it to the zoo before it gets to hot simply because we can't afford it. I love the zoo dearly!


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