18 March 2012

Sunday Confessions

Wooo confessions!
So here's we go!

1. I do NOT dunk my Oreos in milk....
I just eat them ;)

2. I'm a grown woman,
about to be a mama,
and I still don't really know how to use a sewing machine.

 Tis too true my friends.
This week proved this even more with all 
the projects that my mom basically did hahahaha
but once I'm able to purchase a machine for myself,
she promised to teach me the ways ;)

3. I am terrified to drive in Phoenix.

I'll admit it,
it almost gives me heart palpitations.
Yeah I realize it's an irrational fear but there it is.
I'm better as the navigator than the driver in certain things,
and in Phoenix definitely the navigator.

4. ASU drives me bonkers!

Since I just talked about crazy driving,
Although I will say that pedestrians make everything worse over there.
They just walk out in the middle of the street
and expect everyone to stop for them while we're going 40 mph.
And don't get me started on parking lots!

5. I love rain!

Probably because I live in the desert
so rain is scarce ;)
But it's so pretty and refreshing and sounds so relaxing
when you're falling asleep at night ;)
Storms are the best cuz you can snuggle with a blanket and a good book
and just enjoy listening to the rain
(with a cup o' hot cocoa if you so desire)

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  1. Driving in Phoenix terrifies me too... and I'm supposed to do that at the end of April. Eep!

  2. I don't dunk my oreos, either! I just eat them, sometimes whole! heheheh
    I'm so stoked, because my momma is giving me her old machine as soon as we get back to the states, and all I need to do is pay to get it serviced and I'll be golden. Pretty stoked about that, bc I can't wait to get better at the whole sewing thing.
    If we end up in AZ... we should learn together! lol
    I'm SO sick of the rain. Blah.

  3. yay for ur momma teaching you the ropes of sewing! :) Love when moms can pass that stuff down! :) YAY for rain! :) I love it too! and my three year old is finally not afraid of it !!!! so i can enjoy it again!! OREOS yummy!

  4. I never master the skill of using the sewing machine too! and rain is just eternal!(if i'm inside the house but it's annoying if i get caught without an umbrella! lol) <3


  5. Dude... Phoenix at rush hour is CRAZY!!! Hate it, hate! Hubs and I drove through there last month with a horse trailer during evening rush hour! It was NUTS!!!!


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