11 March 2012

Sunday Confessions

It's that time of week again!
And hopefully I have enough confessions hahahaha

1. I have a huge fear of spiders, snakes, and sharks....
The three S's I call them....

 2. I make random noises when I'm asleep, or just about to be, 
and it wakes me up.

3. I am 23 years old and still afraid of the dark.
Yes it's true my friends,
we have a light at night so I don't freak out ;)

4. I love it when baby girl kicks her dad when he talks to her ;)
And I mean that in the most loving way hahahaha

Too hysterical! HIYA!

5. I have an irrational fear of the *POP* that happens when you open
the cinnamon roll wrapper......
it happened yesterday morning hahahaha

Did you all just shudder a bit too?
Just thinking bout the pop of uncertainty??
Hahahahaha link up with Alyx for your confessions!



  1. i definitely hate hate hate hate hate snakes.yikes!!
    and i have fear that sharks will come and chopped me to pieces when i go to beach

  2. Love your blog! :P aND YES I TOO have a fear of that POP on the pillsbury! :P I actually make my hubby do that part! LOL great confessions!

  3. I'm terrified of the dark, and my basement. It's so sad.

  4. I hate bugs. Spiders included. Snakes and sharks not so much, but show me a freakin creepy crawly, and I freak.
    Ohhh, those cinnamon rolls look amazing.
    And I'm afraid of the dark, too! Eek!
    Thanks for linking up, fran!

  5. haha love this!! Just stopped over from Alyx's blog!! nice to find you my new friend!!

  6. I HATE that pop those things make too!
    I have a system: I'll put it on the counter and gingerly pull up on the tab little by little with one hand until it goes off. And then sometimes it doesn't go off. That's the worst.

  7. hahaha i totally am scared of opening can's that "pop." i usually make someone else do it.

    and "shudder" is a great word for those creepy, disgusting things.


  8. J always got so (fake) offended when Quinn would kick him while he was talking to my belly.
    I also hate that pop. Is there really no other way to package those?

  9. :) That's too funny! I hate the three s's too!!!

  10. i hate the pop, too!!! so, so much. i always know it's coming, but for some reason that makes it even worse. and that is too funny that we both wrote about being scared of the dark. great minds... ;)


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