04 March 2012

Sunday Confessions

It's time for another edition of Sunday Confessions!!
I'll try my best to be entertaining for y'all ;)

1. I have had my first official craving: Root Beer.
I've always liked root beer but now it's like uncontrollable.

 2. I have eaten more grapes in the past 2 weeks than 
anyone else I know.....went through 3 bags in 3 days...
and we bought two more bags yesterday at the store.
Bu they at least it's a healthy addiction right??

3. I'm slightly nervous for my next doctor's appointment this week.
It's the one where I take the gestational diabetes test
and they have to take blood.
I HATE having my blood drawn....
such a yucky experience and since I have a weird blood type
they usually end up taking more than usual.....
So I'm being a baby and making my mommy come with me ;)

for the record I have never made that face at my doctor....creepster

4. I am a StarWars/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Indiana Jones fan ;)
It's true y'all.
After all, I worked in the Star Wars store in Disneyland for 8 months,
it kinda draws you in
(although I was totally already in - now I just had other weirdos
to converse with)
Indy has always been my guy ;)
Comining history with adventure and one hot Harrison Ford,
I mean COME ON!

5. I get emotionally attached to book characters.
It's true.
I'm one of those psychos that yells at her books
or cries and throws the book across the room.....
(Hunger Games anyone?)
What can I say?
I love books, therefore I get into them a lot ;)



  1. Omg I feel like I could've written all of these! I definitely get emotionally attached to my favorite book characters and when a series ends I don't knowwhat to do with myself!!!

  2. Ummm root beer sounds like the best pregnancy craving EVER. I want to get pregnant just so I can crave it.
    I think we both know that I get very attached to book characters, too.
    Needles are terrifying and deadly. Stay far, far away.
    I have yet to try frozen grapes, because the grocery stores here have not had grapes in forever.

  3. I'm only saying this to give you a head's up...the gestational diabetes test is not just the blood draw that's awful! That nasty orange crap they make you drink is WORSE!

    I'm with you on Star Wars/Harry Potter/Indiana Jones. Love them all! My son is playing Lego Star Wars on our Wii as we speak. :)

    Found you via Alyx!

  4. If you can, ask for the lemon/lime flavor at the gestational diabetes test. It tastes like Fruit Loops.
    I also get really attached to book characters. And since I'm lacking real life girl friends I always feel like I've lost a friend. That's why I like really long book series.

  5. Hahaha I looove your comment about that doctor/patient picture.

  6. ugh! I had to take that diabetes test this week too! The drink they make you chug down is nasty. plus they say not to eat before so it made me feel nauseaus. fun stuff! haha anyway, i tagged you in a post. check it out! http://gavinandlauren.blogspot.com/2012/03/why-not.html


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