23 March 2012


Guys I'm just gonna say this real quick:

And don't worry a whole post will be posted on Monday to link up with Alyx ;)

Now onto the next thing on my list to show you!
 I convinced Andrew to get out my parents power drill
that we borrowed and finish putting up the curtain rods!
Therefore the curtains are up too! ;)

So here's the kitchen valance:

I love the colors!
And it just adds a little oomph to my kitchen ;)

Bedroom curtains:

And it blocks the light out real well actually ;)
Andrew was so happy about that hahahaha

And Rory's room:

Aren't they precious!?
My mom did a great job and I love her for it!
They don't really block the light very well, but let's be honest,
she's not really gonna be sleeping during the early morning hours anyways ;)

So now her nursery has curtains,
crib, swing, clothes, changing pad, our desk, and baby blankets ;)

Oh yeah did I mention that I already have the clothes picked out for 
the hospital? ;)
And since I don't have bedding for her yet,
her clothes are the bedding hahahahaha

So who likes?? ;)
And who else is seeing Hunger Games this weekend!?
Like I said, I might just go here in a minute and watch it again by myself if I have to!


  1. Yay! All of your curtains look great! I especially love Rory's curtains! Also, I think we need to see some more close ups of her outfits you have picked out! SO exciting!!! :] And we saw Hunger Games at midnight last night. We LOVED it!!!

  2. I LOVED IT. Seriously. Loved that movie. I need to again right now.

  3. I loved it, too! I can't wait to do the link up! But you already knew that.
    I'm so loving those curtains!
    And I agree - close-ups of the outfits are a must!

  4. The curtains look great! I love them! Especially the blue! We are going to see Hunger Games tomorrow and it's killing me to wait! :) Also, did you move into the Alma Ward? I think I may have spotted you at church.


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