16 March 2012


Ok so I wanted to show you what I've done over the break ;)
My mom handled the sewing machine and I did the hand-sewing part ;)

I did 3 baby blankets for Rory,
and 2 for a friend for her shower ;)
I'm only gonna show you baby girls' cuz I want Perla to be surprised!

This one was a semi-pain cuz I wanted it to be perfect hahahaha

Buzz and Woody ;)
Her room is gonna be green and blue
and who doesn't like Buzz and Woody!?

My mom and I fell in love with them ;)

 And of course,
my little princess needs a blanket with her namesake ;)
This one was the biggest pain cuz of a bigger/crooked hole to sew up
and the fabric wasn't the easiest to poke through hahahaha

My mom also sewed this for the kitchen window:

Isn't it so pretty?!
I'll take a picture when it's up too
(we had to borrow the power drill to hang up the curtain rods)
She did our bedroom curtains too
out of this fabric:

And here's a sneak peek of what baby girl's curtains
are gonna look like ;)

Basically my mom rocks!!
I can't wait til I get a sewing machine and she can teach me how to be awesome
just like her and make amazing things ;)

We didn't get fabric for the living room
just cuz nothing struck me as 
"I need to be your curtains in the living room!!"
ya know?


  1. AH!!! I love ALL of this.
    I especially love the curtains!

  2. such fun patterns! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. I really like your taste in fabric! ;) All of the blankets are just darling! What a great mom you have!!


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