29 March 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Guys I now own the much-sought-after-that-I've-coveted iPhone 4 ;)

I'm so excited!
And so grateful to my in-laws for offering to pay 
our cell phone bills again for our birthdays
and for offering Andrew to upgrade to a smart phone ;)
SO Andrew got the Android I had
and I got a 32GB iPhone form a Craigslist seller ;) 
(thank goodness for tax refunds!)

And it's SOOOO easy ;)
I love that I can hook up my iTunes and now I have all my music!
(my iPod is only an 8GB)
and now Andrew can play DrawSomething with me! ;)
And we all know that's the most important part hahahaha

 And yes I did get these cases for the phone ;)
From Amazon and only spent like $15 ;)
There were just too many (and expensive ones) on Etsy
for me to choose from although I totally wanted the R2D2 one or Han Solo one,
that would've been amazing ;)

Also I got Instagram but I don't quite understand it I guess.
Is it just a photo editing/sharing app?
I'm just wondering if I'm missing some magical element....
also what apps should I be getting??
I am no professional and need lots of advice ;)
Same for Andrew, those of you that have Androids
what apps should he get??

Also, newest find and love for me and baby:

Sorry it's so small,
there wasn't a bigger one on Google hahahaha
I usually buy the more expensive brand of cherry cordial
(only every now and then)
but this was on sale and so I thought "Heck I'll try it"
and I love it!!
And baby girl seems to love it too ;)
I had a bowl today and yesterday and it was SOOOO yummy!
A new favorite ;)
And only 2 1/2 months left til Little Miss is here!


  1. Congrats on the iPhone! I hope you love it- I sure love mine.

    And Instagram is basically a photo editing/sharing site. I really enjoy it. it's more fun if you're following people. At first, I didn't understand the point, but now I really like it.

    Oh that ice cream sounds soooooo good. My doc put me on an ice cream ban. :((

    I think we must be due within a month of one another! I am expecting a little mister. :)

  2. Yay iphone!! I love mine! Instagram is a fun way to edit boring looking pictures into pretty colors and effects :) and some people kind of use it like twitter. Posting pictures and talking with people. you know, social media :) I love the Clear app for making to do lists. Hope that helps a little!

  3. Ooh fun! I've been thinking about getting an IPhone. I'd love to hear how you like it after awhile... :)

  4. cases are like, the hardest thing to pick out! SO many good ones. :) congrats on the iphone, you'll love it!


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