31 March 2012

My Thoughts on a Saturday

8:30 on a Saturday morning and I'm wide awake while my bro and hubs sleep in.
Why can't that be me!?
Then again, I've never really been able to sleep in,
and I mean like ever.
Over the summers I can usually stay asleep til about 9 so that's something right?!

Sorry this was just too weird and funny to NOT post

Anyways my weird sleeping cycle wasn't what I wanted to talk about this morning ;)
I know that I've been very baby-oriented lately and well, here's more of it.

I am so excited to be a mom!
I mean, SOOO excited!
I can't wait to snuggle my little baby to try and calm her down,
watch her learn to giggle and roll over,
then to walk and talk.
And if she's anything like me, she'll be talking really soon hahahaha
My mom talked to me all the time when I was a baby 
so therefore I learned to talk really fast hahaha
with my brothers, they both took some time to learn
but now they won't shut up!
Bahahahaha love you guys promise ;)

I'm excited to watch her with her dad!
To interact with him and just love on him ;)
To watch their relationship grow into something amazing.

I'm also hoping she's like me
in the fact that I would go to practically anybody and just start
chatting it up hahahaha
I wanna be able to pass her around to people and not worry that she'll
start being hysterical ;)
I want her to be a semi-Mama's girl though,
just enough that she likes me and comes to me when she's
sick or hurt or "sick"/"hurt"
you know the difference ;)

I'm hoping she's like her dad in the 
healthy eyes region.
I was born with crossed eyes
and I don't think it's hereditary but still a know?
I don't want her to have to deal with my eye issues,
she needs the Mills eyes ;)
20/20 vision and all.
I hope she's like her dad in showing how much he cares for others
before himself.
He's always willing to go help someone,
or even just keep them company if they need a friend,
I want her to learn that ;)

I can't wait to meet her shining face
and love on her and try to teach her everything she needs.
I've come to realize that this step is way bigger than we thought it was at first.
We knew it was big, but now that it's closer to happening,
we're getting so excited and slightly nervous hahaha
But I think we're as ready as we're going to be for her arrival ;)
We already love her so much,
it's hard to imagine loving her more but I know we will ;)
Her grandparents are oober excited to meet her too
and she loves to hear their voices.
Whenever they talk around or to her,
she starts moving around ;)
I guess she knows who they are already ;)
I've had dreams about this adorable bundle of fat just smiling and giggling
at us and knowing how much we love her
and I can't wait til it comes true in 2 short months!

Guys it's gonna be great!


  1. Rory's GREAT grandparents love her too!!!!!!!! Mwa!

  2. It is going to be great!!! And you're going to make a great mom!!


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