26 March 2012

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Oh loves!
Today's the day!!
I'm linking up with Alyx to fangirl out about Hunger Games!!

Now if you haven't seen it yet, that's ok.
Cuz you already know everything that happens technically,
but if you haven't read the books,
I don't wanna spoil anything for those of you that wanna read these great books ;)

Moving on to the main event!

 Guys I loved it!
I thought it was a great adaptation of the book,
(yes Alyx I did just quote you hahaha)
and it was true to everything the book is about.
The only thing I can say overall that kinda bugged me was the shaky
camera work but honestly,
how else can you capture the rawness of Hunger Games
unless you feel like you're in the arena WITH the tributes.

Effie was great!
Hahahaha Elizabeth Banks was awesome
and I fell in love with Peeta
all over again ;)

I was so nervous that Josh wouldn't be able to pull it off,
but he did ;)
Cuz in my head he's still the little punk kid in Zathura....
not so much anymores!
He and Jen (Katniss) had such great chemistry
and all I kept thinking was
"Peeta Mellark" whenever I saw him ;)

OMG y'all can we talk about our
"on fire" couple?!
AHHHHH! I was so blown away by how they looked ;)
Yeah Cinna pulled it off hahahaha ;)
I've ha some people on Facebook say
"why is all about Katniss being 'The Girl on Fire'? 
Peeta was too after all so shouldn't he be The Boy on Fire'?!"
Well to that I say,
first she's a girl......sorry males out there but oftentimes
girls get more attention whether they want it or not.
Second, the book is written in Katniss' point of view,
so Susanne kinda had to make it about her.
Regardless, I loved it!

Speaking of Cinna, we have to talk about this!
This was so touching,
made me cry yes it did.
The fact that she was shaking so bad and looked so terrified,
and you knew that all she wanted was a hug to help her
feel just a little bit better about the horrid situation
and he just comforts her.
The tears just started up again thinking about it ;)


 I loved how they showed the tortured faces
of the viewers.
It brought a nice new dimension to the Games.
When you're reading,
sometimes you forget that normal people are watching it
(not the Capitol people, they don't count as normal)
and that they feel just as trapped as those teens at times.
Also, the fact that they showed the rebellion in Distirict 11 was AWESOME!
I was already crying cuz of Rue,
and that just got me completely sobbing hahahaha

Ooooo shout out to Donald Southerland
for being creepy already!
The two new scenes they did with him were great and added
some foreshadowing for the next two films ;)

"And two thumbs WAY WAY up for our leading lady!"
(^points if you know what movie that line is from!)
I thought Jennifer was great!
She brought Katniss to life:
gorgeous, protective, lethal, vulnerable, and you can see
her fall for Peeta.
I love the way she would focus on her targets,
and speak her mind and look fearsome when she needed to.

This little person was my only big problem with the movie.
She portrayed Prim as way more of a crybaby
than was ever described or imagined by me.
This might just be me, I don't know.
But the screaming, sobbing loudly, and kicking Prim reminded me more
of my 3 year olds than of a child that had a hard life,
but remained sweet regardless of it.

My favorite part, I think,
is when they first step off the pedestals
and the bloddbath ensues.
Before you think I'm some sort of freak,
let me remind you that there is no sound!
Which was perfect for the moment in my opinion.
I really didn't want to hear all the screams
or bones and such....
and you don't.
You barely even see the horror,
which I also approve of.

Some have said that there was a lot missing from the books.
I didn't think so at all.
Now I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly
and they had a whole huge thing on Hunger Games
including Susanne Collins saying what they wouldn't be able to include
in the movie so I was prepared for some things to not be there
but I mean really people?
If we wanted every single detail in every movie made from a book,
we'd still be in the theatre for Lord of the Rings.
Admit it, you loved those too ;)

Overall, it was amazing!
I can't wait to see it again ;)
We saved our Christmas passes to go see it again
hopefully in the huge screen theatre ;)

Now I definitely DO NOT think you should bring young children
to the movie though.....
there were a few in our midnight showing and they didn't like it too much.
Plus it's a little over their heads sometimes.
But of course, it's up to you parents. ;)
Do as you wish,
but I think you should see it first before you deem it ok for your children ;)

So what did you guys think??
And feel free to leave long responses,
I welcome discussions heehee ;)



  1. Hercules.
    And amen on everything here - I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

  2. yess!! i love this review!!

    i really liked it and a lot of my students (15 year olds) were SO critical of it, i was like, have you ever seen a movie adaptation before?? this is as pretty close to perfect as they can get!

  3. I agree, I think Peeta, Cinna, and Effie were all perfectly cast.

  4. :) I haven't read Alyx's review yet because she said there were spoilers... But as long as their book spoilers like yours I'm good!! I haven't seen it yet... But I am so glad to hear you liked it. :) I think we have similar tastes.


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