24 March 2012

Little Ones

So some of you asked for close ups of the clothes Andrew and I picked
for little miss for the hospital ;)
And I am such a great person that I took some hahahahaha ;)

So here's ya are:

Aren't these bunny slippers the cutest?!
With socks and mittens of course
(yes she'll be born in the summer but you know babies,
they get cold easy and they can scratch their faces with long nails)

We decided since we really have no idea how gigantic
our baby will be,
that we should take both stirctly newborn onsies and 0-3 months.
Especially because both of us were bigger babes ;)
Just more of us to love hahahahaha ;)
It's getting so close!
Only about 11 weeks left!!!!!


  1. So cute! Can never have too many onesies :) Yay for 11 weeks left

  2. I love it!!!!
    Can't wait for those 11 weeks to be over!

  3. Yay! I love all of her adorable clothes!! :)


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