05 March 2012

The Latest

It has been an extremely happy past few days!
First, the crib arrived at my grandparents house on Friday!

 (And the mattress too)

Yesterday we went to family potluck
and recieved these beauties:

These boxes are full of clothes!
Like these:

So cute right!?
And yes, these are the first clothes she's recieved that she can wear
right when she comes!! ;)
Yeah I already picked the outfits for the hospital ;)

And today we built this:

A crib!
I'm so excited!!
It's so real now that there's a crib in the room ;)
We're gonna have a baby!!!


  1. I already posted this on facebook, but... that is a beautiful crib!!

  2. Aw yay!!! It's starting to feel real I see! :) The crib is lovely! And you have a very loving and sharing family! :)


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