27 March 2012

Last Night

Hello loves!
I hope your week has gone well so far!
First off let me say this:
Ok now I feel WAY better ;)
I only know this because one of the teachers is retiring this year so she's countin down ;)
Heck yes!
Bring on summertime!
And baby time!
And happy time!
And new mommy time!
Holy crap!
 Hahahahaha ;)

So last night my in-laws took us to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Scottsdale.

 This place is so fancy, it has a dress code peeps!
Scottsdale, for those that don't know,
is the high-end part of AZ ;)
Ya know, diamonds and SUVs hahahaha ;)
it was so good!
Dad Mills said it was gonna be the best steak I'll have,
and so far tis so true!
I got an 11 oz filet
(for leftovers guys - I don't EVER eat that much hahahaha)

and Andrew and I split mashed potatoes that were delicious also.
And for dessert,
I got the cheesecake
which was delicious (though the crust was a little too thinck for me)
and Andrew got berries in sweet cream ;)
I was so full!!
We had a blast with the fam ;)

Also just a fun baby fact:
Sunday night as we were going to sleep,
Rory was doing gymnastics and so I kept trying to kinda calm her down
at least enough where I could lay down.
So Andrew starts talking to her with his head on my tummy
and she full on kicked him hard in the jaw!!
Hahahahahaha we were dying of laughter ;)
Maybe she's not such a Daddy's Girl after all ;)


  1. We have a Ruth's Chris too. I didn't realize it was all over-that surprises me! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've only been there once and it was great.

    I have 39 days of school left- haha. No shame in counting! I can't believe how fast this year went.

    I'm having my baby this summer too! :)

  2. Maybe I'm blind, but...I didn't know you lived in AZ!!! Small world :) And that is too funny about your kung fu baby!

  3. Baha. I love that she kicked him in the jaw! So funny! And I want steak now!! :)


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