19 March 2012

Kicks and Giggles

Today at school it was hilarious
how many people looked at me like they hadn't seen me in years.
"Oh your hair looks so cute!"
"Oh wow you're totally pregnant!"  

Now that last one made me laugh the most.
Why yes, I am most definitely pregnant,
have been since September friends hahahahaha
but as you all saw,
my belly is HUGE now!
And it's just gonna get bigger and bigger hahahaha

Little miss has been making lots of noise in there lately.
You see the picture on the sidebar
where the baby's just kinda floatin in there all calm and collected,
It's all fake my friends hahahaha
she's rarely that calm,
between hiccups and kicks she likes to keep me on my toes ;)
Just a silly little update ;)
Silly little girl and her crazy energy!



  1. wow...congrats for such a very awesome baby in your tummy! <3


  2. At least she's movin' in there!!

  3. It really is funny how people don't notice things for a while. But Little Miss sounds like she is doing great! :] How fun to feel her hiccups! Funny stuff!!

  4. Possibly we'll have an ATHLETE in the family for Grandpa! Maybe Rory will take after Andrew! ;-]


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