20 March 2012

Funny Foods

So being pregnant and all,
I have weird food loves.
But not crazy cravings and with all of these I NEVER want to combine
or switch any of it.

I've always loved these
but now they're a staple in the house for me:

Seriously magically delicious ;)
I love them so much and when my tummy is turbulent
a bowl of this makes it all better ;)

Then there's this:

I wasn't really a fan before,
but I kinda really like them now ;)
Silly baby girl!

Again, I've always loved
eating this out of the tub and now it's even more delicious:

And don't worry y'all.
It's processed so I'm not consuming raw eggs
and I'm not eating it by the tub.
It's like a couple spoonfuls and then 2 days,
then a few more spoonfuls mmmk?
In moderation folks ;)

These are still my favorite breakfast food:

The all-mighty Egg McMuffin ;)
*heavenly hosts singing praises*
Delicious and not very nutritious but still my fave.

And just the other day I really "needed"

Specifically Apple and Watermelon.
Ahhhhh so yummy!
And baby girl still loves her fruit-flavored things ;)
She starts doing somersaults and happy dances when she gets a taste
of fruity-flavored goodness

Sorry for the onslaught of baby posts
but let's be honest here,
I'm having a baby in less than 3 months
and I'm super excited about it and I need to document
all the weirdness and craziness of the journey ;)

Promise I'll have the pictures of how the curtains look up soon!
We had to go buy new screws for the rods
cuz the ones that came with them were WAY too long for our apartment's
structural integrity hahahaha ;)
So as soon as I can convince Andrew to get out the power drill,
I'll get the pictures ;)

Last but certainly not least:

2 more days people!!!! ;)


  1. cereals are really yummy!


  2. Haha. I totally craved Capt'n Crunch for the longest time! And fruity things! Silly ladies! Haha. And I'm SO excited to see the Hunger Games!!!

  3. Thank you for making my tummy growl like crazy. I should have talked about the lack of decent cereal here on my post yesterday, because it is BAD!!

  4. oh my..with each of my pregnancies I wanted different foods..Lucky charms was baby #4..guess what he eats in college?! you know it!

  5. Mmm those are my cravings all the time and I'm not even prego! haha. Do you want to keep swapping buttons in April?


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