31 March 2012

My Thoughts on a Saturday

8:30 on a Saturday morning and I'm wide awake while my bro and hubs sleep in.
Why can't that be me!?
Then again, I've never really been able to sleep in,
and I mean like ever.
Over the summers I can usually stay asleep til about 9 so that's something right?!

Sorry this was just too weird and funny to NOT post

Anyways my weird sleeping cycle wasn't what I wanted to talk about this morning ;)
I know that I've been very baby-oriented lately and well, here's more of it.

I am so excited to be a mom!
I mean, SOOO excited!
I can't wait to snuggle my little baby to try and calm her down,
watch her learn to giggle and roll over,
then to walk and talk.
And if she's anything like me, she'll be talking really soon hahahaha
My mom talked to me all the time when I was a baby 
so therefore I learned to talk really fast hahaha
with my brothers, they both took some time to learn
but now they won't shut up!
Bahahahaha love you guys promise ;)

I'm excited to watch her with her dad!
To interact with him and just love on him ;)
To watch their relationship grow into something amazing.

I'm also hoping she's like me
in the fact that I would go to practically anybody and just start
chatting it up hahahaha
I wanna be able to pass her around to people and not worry that she'll
start being hysterical ;)
I want her to be a semi-Mama's girl though,
just enough that she likes me and comes to me when she's
sick or hurt or "sick"/"hurt"
you know the difference ;)

I'm hoping she's like her dad in the 
healthy eyes region.
I was born with crossed eyes
and I don't think it's hereditary but still a know?
I don't want her to have to deal with my eye issues,
she needs the Mills eyes ;)
20/20 vision and all.
I hope she's like her dad in showing how much he cares for others
before himself.
He's always willing to go help someone,
or even just keep them company if they need a friend,
I want her to learn that ;)

I can't wait to meet her shining face
and love on her and try to teach her everything she needs.
I've come to realize that this step is way bigger than we thought it was at first.
We knew it was big, but now that it's closer to happening,
we're getting so excited and slightly nervous hahaha
But I think we're as ready as we're going to be for her arrival ;)
We already love her so much,
it's hard to imagine loving her more but I know we will ;)
Her grandparents are oober excited to meet her too
and she loves to hear their voices.
Whenever they talk around or to her,
she starts moving around ;)
I guess she knows who they are already ;)
I've had dreams about this adorable bundle of fat just smiling and giggling
at us and knowing how much we love her
and I can't wait til it comes true in 2 short months!

Guys it's gonna be great!

29 March 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Guys I now own the much-sought-after-that-I've-coveted iPhone 4 ;)

I'm so excited!
And so grateful to my in-laws for offering to pay 
our cell phone bills again for our birthdays
and for offering Andrew to upgrade to a smart phone ;)
SO Andrew got the Android I had
and I got a 32GB iPhone form a Craigslist seller ;) 
(thank goodness for tax refunds!)

And it's SOOOO easy ;)
I love that I can hook up my iTunes and now I have all my music!
(my iPod is only an 8GB)
and now Andrew can play DrawSomething with me! ;)
And we all know that's the most important part hahahaha

 And yes I did get these cases for the phone ;)
From Amazon and only spent like $15 ;)
There were just too many (and expensive ones) on Etsy
for me to choose from although I totally wanted the R2D2 one or Han Solo one,
that would've been amazing ;)

Also I got Instagram but I don't quite understand it I guess.
Is it just a photo editing/sharing app?
I'm just wondering if I'm missing some magical element....
also what apps should I be getting??
I am no professional and need lots of advice ;)
Same for Andrew, those of you that have Androids
what apps should he get??

Also, newest find and love for me and baby:

Sorry it's so small,
there wasn't a bigger one on Google hahahaha
I usually buy the more expensive brand of cherry cordial
(only every now and then)
but this was on sale and so I thought "Heck I'll try it"
and I love it!!
And baby girl seems to love it too ;)
I had a bowl today and yesterday and it was SOOOO yummy!
A new favorite ;)
And only 2 1/2 months left til Little Miss is here!

27 March 2012

Last Night

Hello loves!
I hope your week has gone well so far!
First off let me say this:
Ok now I feel WAY better ;)
I only know this because one of the teachers is retiring this year so she's countin down ;)
Heck yes!
Bring on summertime!
And baby time!
And happy time!
And new mommy time!
Holy crap!
 Hahahahaha ;)

So last night my in-laws took us to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Scottsdale.

 This place is so fancy, it has a dress code peeps!
Scottsdale, for those that don't know,
is the high-end part of AZ ;)
Ya know, diamonds and SUVs hahahaha ;)
it was so good!
Dad Mills said it was gonna be the best steak I'll have,
and so far tis so true!
I got an 11 oz filet
(for leftovers guys - I don't EVER eat that much hahahaha)

and Andrew and I split mashed potatoes that were delicious also.
And for dessert,
I got the cheesecake
which was delicious (though the crust was a little too thinck for me)
and Andrew got berries in sweet cream ;)
I was so full!!
We had a blast with the fam ;)

Also just a fun baby fact:
Sunday night as we were going to sleep,
Rory was doing gymnastics and so I kept trying to kinda calm her down
at least enough where I could lay down.
So Andrew starts talking to her with his head on my tummy
and she full on kicked him hard in the jaw!!
Hahahahahaha we were dying of laughter ;)
Maybe she's not such a Daddy's Girl after all ;)

26 March 2012

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Oh loves!
Today's the day!!
I'm linking up with Alyx to fangirl out about Hunger Games!!

Now if you haven't seen it yet, that's ok.
Cuz you already know everything that happens technically,
but if you haven't read the books,
I don't wanna spoil anything for those of you that wanna read these great books ;)

Moving on to the main event!

 Guys I loved it!
I thought it was a great adaptation of the book,
(yes Alyx I did just quote you hahaha)
and it was true to everything the book is about.
The only thing I can say overall that kinda bugged me was the shaky
camera work but honestly,
how else can you capture the rawness of Hunger Games
unless you feel like you're in the arena WITH the tributes.

Effie was great!
Hahahaha Elizabeth Banks was awesome
and I fell in love with Peeta
all over again ;)

I was so nervous that Josh wouldn't be able to pull it off,
but he did ;)
Cuz in my head he's still the little punk kid in Zathura....
not so much anymores!
He and Jen (Katniss) had such great chemistry
and all I kept thinking was
"Peeta Mellark" whenever I saw him ;)

OMG y'all can we talk about our
"on fire" couple?!
AHHHHH! I was so blown away by how they looked ;)
Yeah Cinna pulled it off hahahaha ;)
I've ha some people on Facebook say
"why is all about Katniss being 'The Girl on Fire'? 
Peeta was too after all so shouldn't he be The Boy on Fire'?!"
Well to that I say,
first she's a girl......sorry males out there but oftentimes
girls get more attention whether they want it or not.
Second, the book is written in Katniss' point of view,
so Susanne kinda had to make it about her.
Regardless, I loved it!

Speaking of Cinna, we have to talk about this!
This was so touching,
made me cry yes it did.
The fact that she was shaking so bad and looked so terrified,
and you knew that all she wanted was a hug to help her
feel just a little bit better about the horrid situation
and he just comforts her.
The tears just started up again thinking about it ;)

25 March 2012

Sunday Confessions!

Woot! I love Sunday Confessions!
So here we go!

1. I never fail to cry every time I see this

and I do mean every time.
Same with the firefly in Princess and the Frog.

2. Oftentimes I get so hungry so I make food,

and then when it's done,
I'm not hungry anymore......it's the worst.....

3. Being pregnant sure has its ups and downs.
Like coughing or sneezing or laughing and therefore causing me to need 
Kirstie Alley in her fairy outfit in my bathroom to rescue me hahahaha

So sweet of baby girl isn't it? ;)

4. I am dying to go on a vacation!

What I wouldn't give for a beach
and the salty sea air 
blowing my hair all sorts of crazy directions ;)
But alas, no money and no swimsuit so therefore no beach :(

5. I'm actually super bummed I can't go to the zoo with my kiddos
in April :(

Due to being in my third trimester and all I can't walk
around for hours on end.
But I am so sad that I'll miss that experience :(
Oh well, I think they'll live without me,
they're so excited to see all the animals and 
they promised to tell me all about it the next day at school ;)

Y'all should link up too!

P.S. come back tomorrow for MY Hunger Games review,
and if you haven't seen it

24 March 2012

Little Ones

So some of you asked for close ups of the clothes Andrew and I picked
for little miss for the hospital ;)
And I am such a great person that I took some hahahahaha ;)

So here's ya are:

Aren't these bunny slippers the cutest?!
With socks and mittens of course
(yes she'll be born in the summer but you know babies,
they get cold easy and they can scratch their faces with long nails)

We decided since we really have no idea how gigantic
our baby will be,
that we should take both stirctly newborn onsies and 0-3 months.
Especially because both of us were bigger babes ;)
Just more of us to love hahahahaha ;)
It's getting so close!
Only about 11 weeks left!!!!!

23 March 2012


Guys I'm just gonna say this real quick:

And don't worry a whole post will be posted on Monday to link up with Alyx ;)

Now onto the next thing on my list to show you!
 I convinced Andrew to get out my parents power drill
that we borrowed and finish putting up the curtain rods!
Therefore the curtains are up too! ;)

So here's the kitchen valance:

I love the colors!
And it just adds a little oomph to my kitchen ;)

Bedroom curtains:

And it blocks the light out real well actually ;)
Andrew was so happy about that hahahaha

And Rory's room:

Aren't they precious!?
My mom did a great job and I love her for it!
They don't really block the light very well, but let's be honest,
she's not really gonna be sleeping during the early morning hours anyways ;)

So now her nursery has curtains,
crib, swing, clothes, changing pad, our desk, and baby blankets ;)

Oh yeah did I mention that I already have the clothes picked out for 
the hospital? ;)
And since I don't have bedding for her yet,
her clothes are the bedding hahahahaha

So who likes?? ;)
And who else is seeing Hunger Games this weekend!?
Like I said, I might just go here in a minute and watch it again by myself if I have to!

20 March 2012

Funny Foods

So being pregnant and all,
I have weird food loves.
But not crazy cravings and with all of these I NEVER want to combine
or switch any of it.

I've always loved these
but now they're a staple in the house for me:

Seriously magically delicious ;)
I love them so much and when my tummy is turbulent
a bowl of this makes it all better ;)

Then there's this:

I wasn't really a fan before,
but I kinda really like them now ;)
Silly baby girl!

Again, I've always loved
eating this out of the tub and now it's even more delicious:

And don't worry y'all.
It's processed so I'm not consuming raw eggs
and I'm not eating it by the tub.
It's like a couple spoonfuls and then 2 days,
then a few more spoonfuls mmmk?
In moderation folks ;)

These are still my favorite breakfast food:

The all-mighty Egg McMuffin ;)
*heavenly hosts singing praises*
Delicious and not very nutritious but still my fave.

And just the other day I really "needed"

Specifically Apple and Watermelon.
Ahhhhh so yummy!
And baby girl still loves her fruit-flavored things ;)
She starts doing somersaults and happy dances when she gets a taste
of fruity-flavored goodness

Sorry for the onslaught of baby posts
but let's be honest here,
I'm having a baby in less than 3 months
and I'm super excited about it and I need to document
all the weirdness and craziness of the journey ;)

Promise I'll have the pictures of how the curtains look up soon!
We had to go buy new screws for the rods
cuz the ones that came with them were WAY too long for our apartment's
structural integrity hahahaha ;)
So as soon as I can convince Andrew to get out the power drill,
I'll get the pictures ;)

Last but certainly not least:

2 more days people!!!! ;)

19 March 2012

Kicks and Giggles

Today at school it was hilarious
how many people looked at me like they hadn't seen me in years.
"Oh your hair looks so cute!"
"Oh wow you're totally pregnant!"  

Now that last one made me laugh the most.
Why yes, I am most definitely pregnant,
have been since September friends hahahahaha
but as you all saw,
my belly is HUGE now!
And it's just gonna get bigger and bigger hahahaha

Little miss has been making lots of noise in there lately.
You see the picture on the sidebar
where the baby's just kinda floatin in there all calm and collected,
It's all fake my friends hahahaha
she's rarely that calm,
between hiccups and kicks she likes to keep me on my toes ;)
Just a silly little update ;)
Silly little girl and her crazy energy!


18 March 2012

Sunday Confessions

Wooo confessions!
So here's we go!

1. I do NOT dunk my Oreos in milk....
I just eat them ;)

2. I'm a grown woman,
about to be a mama,
and I still don't really know how to use a sewing machine.

 Tis too true my friends.
This week proved this even more with all 
the projects that my mom basically did hahahaha
but once I'm able to purchase a machine for myself,
she promised to teach me the ways ;)

3. I am terrified to drive in Phoenix.

I'll admit it,
it almost gives me heart palpitations.
Yeah I realize it's an irrational fear but there it is.
I'm better as the navigator than the driver in certain things,
and in Phoenix definitely the navigator.

4. ASU drives me bonkers!

Since I just talked about crazy driving,
Although I will say that pedestrians make everything worse over there.
They just walk out in the middle of the street
and expect everyone to stop for them while we're going 40 mph.
And don't get me started on parking lots!

5. I love rain!

Probably because I live in the desert
so rain is scarce ;)
But it's so pretty and refreshing and sounds so relaxing
when you're falling asleep at night ;)
Storms are the best cuz you can snuggle with a blanket and a good book
and just enjoy listening to the rain
(with a cup o' hot cocoa if you so desire)

Link up!