14 February 2012


Today I woke up and noticed something super sad

I can't wear my wedding ring anymore :(
My finger looked like it was having a baby of its own,
or like it was going to fall off at any moment.
In case you can't tell by the deep impression on my finger,
it was getting tight but it had kinda always been a little snug
only now I could feel my pulse running through my finger,
therefore too tight.....
Needless to say I feel so naked......
so I ordered a ring from Avon to use so I at least have something there
to keep weirdos away ;)
(I don't own any rings that are big enough hahahaha)

Oh yeah Valentine's Day...
um it's here hahaha.
I had asked Andrew for new earbuds for Valenitine's Day ;)
Cuz I'm cheap and don't really like this holiday.
I love getting flowers but not only one day a year!!
I'm entitled to flowers multiple times a year thank you very much!
Andrew was super sweet and bought me a single rose on his way home
from school and had the table all set up for us for lunch when I got home.
So cute!
And he does this more than just on V-day ;)
Oh and I ordered Ender's Game for him per his request hahahaha

Something super exciting happened today too
that helped make the ring not sooo sad ;)
I got my Old Navy super package in the mail!
I knew it was on it's way but it wasn't supposed to get here til about Thursday
so this was a great surprise!

Wanna see my bounty!?
Here it is:

I am in LOVE with the dress!
It's so cute and the straps are adjustable
(thank you maternity clothes!)
I'm a little unsure about these last two shirts though....
they looked WAY different online and they fit kinda funky.
I'm gonna have Andrew be the ultimate decider on them
whether I send them back or not.
But I definitely need more short-sleeved maternity shirts
so this was a really happy package ;)
I'm planning on wearing my dress to Wicked on Friday!!
I'm so excited!!!

So I guess all in all, not so bad a day after all ;)


  1. That sucks about your ring! And that dress really is super adorable!!!
    Hope you and Andrew had a good Valentine's Day! :)

  2. With Scarlette I bought a ring to were for the pregnancy while in Disneyland...then lost it (sad moment) then had to buy a different at Target...which everyone kept asking where Jacob got it and if it was real. I would laugh and got Hah no, bought at Target for 20 bucks. Jacob then for our 2nd anniversary after we had Scarlette bought me an "upgrade" to my original wedding ring, which luckily survived pregnancy through Sienna. Man rings are a pain with pregnancy haha. Luckily Ali you are not alone in the ring vs. pregnancy swelling battle amoung mom's to be : )

  3. I always figured I would buy a cheap ring from walmart when that time comes :) And I agree with you about the flowers! Multiple times a year, thank you very much :)


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