19 February 2012

This Weekend

Another great thing about having Trev over is that things get done ;)
He really wanted to decorate Rory's room so we let him have at it ;)
He's really good at this kind of stuff anyways so why not ya know?

Remember I can't make a serious face?

In the process ;)

My favorite Christ picture ;)

See those stars and things?
Anyone ever heard of fuse beads??
That's what those are made of and I made a gif
for you to see how to make them!

(click on it)

Any memories flashing back??
My family loves to make these ;)
So fun!

This is the wall where the crib will be under ;)

 And then Andrew did the living room for me! 
The map and frames have been sitting around since we moved in
and now they're up!!!
The license plate is from Andrew's mission and he really wanted to put it up ;)

And now I will recouperate from the awesomeness
that we did this weekend!
Happy no-work Monday! ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! So the first thing i thought of when I saw the big map above your couch was the island of catan. Yes, I have problems.
    And I remember Fuse beads! Those things were awesome!
    And I love the Disney theme!

  2. I remember Fuse Beads! Those things were so fun! And your nursery is coming together-That is so exciting!

  3. We make things with fuse beads all the time!!!! They are just as much fun in my 20's as they were when I was a kid! :o)

  4. yeeees. fuse beads! and holy cow, cute header, lady!


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