09 February 2012

Swimmer vs Kung Fu?

Wazzzup y'all?!
Yeah...that was a weird greeting....
how about:
Welcome you to my blog I do!
Yeah Yoda maybe not....

Anyways, moving on.

We had another dr sppointment yesterday,
that we were 20 mintues late for....
although the nurse said we were even cuz they had to have us
reschedule since he had to deliver on Tuesday WHEW!
Rory's got a really strong heartbeat ;)
I only gained like 5 pounds, maybe 6
which is making Dr Tutt very happy since I had lost that 10 at the beginning,
my body is progressing acccording to plan
apparently hahahaha Dr had a smile on his face and said good job.
Like I have any control really over what's happening hahaha
Then it was time to look at her again
and confirm that she's really a girl hahahaha
nobody panic,
Still a girl! Hahahaha

No boy parts ;)
And nice strong legs!

So when we first saw her she was literally
Kung Fu-ing my uterus.
It was hilarious
but now I know what her kicks feel like!
And I have felt them before but it's more like a flutter when she's
practicing her swim kicking skills hahahaha
While Dr Tutt was checking and making sure she
was all good and everything,
I could finally see her spine really well.
And then my adorable husband says
"Hey her spine looks like a slinky!"
Oh my dearest heart hahahaha ;)
Although it's totally true....
it does look like a slinky ;)
But on our way home, she made sure I knew she was there
by kicking me straight up.
We talked to her about not needing to kick me just to let me know she's there
hahahahaha like that does ANYTHING ;)
But we like talking to her anyways ;)
Plus now she's supposed to distiguish our different voices
and she responds to a certain degree to certain music
or things we say ;)
I love it! 
And now that I know how it feels for sure, 
I feel even closer to her and Andrew ;)

So basically my baby is a either a swimmer or a Kung Fu Panda.
Yeah she's pretty much awesome ;)
Be jealous

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  1. AHHH!!!! Kicking babies.
    so cute.
    And so exciting!!!

  2. Yay!! :] What a fun appointment! And I can't wait to feel my baby kick someday soonish! And I can't wait to find out what we are having for sure! Such exciting stuff! Also I loved the Yoda intro at the beginning. Hilarious!

  3. Love babies!!! How exciting is that!!! Congrats :) It's like she's just saying hello! Loving your blog. Newest reader!


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