25 February 2012

Sunday Confessions

So Alyx does a Sunday Confessions every week and I have never done it
cuz I forget to do it and she gets on my case about it ;)
So I guess I'll humor her and do it now!
You're welcome Alyx!

1. I may or may not have cried like a baby with happiness
when my grandparents told me that they were buyng the crib I wanted!
Regardless of the fact that it's super expensive
(disclaimer: I didn't know how expensive it was, Target didn't tell me prices
while I was registering for the furniture.
I am now going back through the entire thing and changing them if they're ridiculous!)

 2. My horomones are so crazy that I cry if I drop something and can't reach it.
This then makes me giggle and makes me look like a complete freak ;)

 3. I hate doing dishes....and I complain and complain
and beg and puppy-dog eye Andrew til he does them for me ;)

4. I had Cherry coke today for the first time in like a year.
Not sure why, but when we got our Subway sandwiches it sounded SOOO good
and it tasted delicious.

5. I have the best husband on the planet.
Yeah I know, I say it a lot but it's true.
Foot rubs, makes me giggle when I start worrying about baby girl
and issues with finances etc.
And he's freakin hot! ;)

6. We started watching the first season of 24 tonight and it's still just as awesome
as the first time I watched it!
And I may or may not have a semi-crush on Keifer Sutherland ;)
Fun fact: Keifer's dad is the guy playing President Snow in Hunger Games!

7. I have many celeb crushes.....
Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, Viggo Mortensen, 
Christian Bale (whom I've met!!), Christopher Reeve. 
Just to name a few ;)

I think that'll do for this first one ;)
Hopefully I'll come up with some more for next time!



  1. You have such a great husband :) and some of these things are so funny!

  2. Hey!!! You finally linked up!!! YAY!!
    Bahahaha, I love your prego hormones! So great.
    Bah. I was not a huge fan of 24. Mike really likes it, though!
    Hugh Jackman... I die. He is so good-looking!

  3. found you through the confessions link up! i am on season 6 of 24 and i am obsessed. It is so intense and you just have to keep watching. seriously, i stayed up until 3am last night with jack bauer.
    also, cherry coke is delicious, i used to be a dr.pepper girl, but lately it's been cherry coke zero. good stuff.
    love. amy.


  4. Have you seen The Fighter??? Really made me sad to see Christian Bale like that... He's usually SO hot!!! I HATE dishes too... Almost as much as folding laundry...

  5. well nice to "meet" you! you are going to love that crib!
    and I agree , cherry coke is a great treat!!
    good luck with everything! and I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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