11 February 2012

Our Unexpected Date Night

Last night Andrew and I were able to go and see the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir at US Airways Center ;)
They're here for Arizona's big 100th birthday! ;)

We hadn't planned on this outing.
My grandparents had the tickets but my poor grandpa
got really sick and so they asked us if we wanted to go?
We said heck yes!! 
It was such an awesome experience!
Although we were really sad that grandma and granpa couldn't go.....


They didn't allow us to take pictures inside so I don't have any
of the night but trust me when I say that it was awesome!
And baby girl loved the music ;)
She was kicking and doing flips to the music and we loved it!
Andrew loved feeling her move around in there
and responding to him tapping on my belly to the beat hahahaha
It was such a beautiful experience and we had the entire row to ourselves!
AND we got some ice cream to celebrate our little date night ;)
The music was gorgeous,
(I mean how could it not be!?)
and I especially loved when they used the bells ;)
They got 3 standing ovations,
and were starting ther 4th encore when we decided to beat the crowd
and start walking back to the car ;)

All in all, it was a great night!
I mean, how many times do you get to eat ice cream during a church event? ;)



  1. Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I hope your grandma gets better soon, but seriously - once in a lifetime opportunity I think!

  2. How amazing! That must have been such a wonderful experience! I hope your grandpa gets to feeling better asap! Wishing you are your growing family lots of love and blessings!


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