18 February 2012

"Not all of us can travel by BUBBLE!"

I love weekends ;) 
Have I mentioned that before?!
Now you should all know ;) 

We have my brother come stay with us for one weekend a month
(so that he gets a break from being the only one at home)
so we stole him this weekend ;)

First on the agenda was going to WICKED!!!
Ok now my bro and I had already seen it
(him once, me twice)
but Andrew never had and this was our Christmas gift from my grandparents
and we were STOKED!!!
(If you don't know what Wicked is go look it up and listen to the music,
if you don't like it......I might have to disown you)
So here are our three pictures to signify that we went:

 Poor Andrew was driving, that's why he's not looking at the camera hahaha

2nd row Grand tier baby!!! AHHHHH!!!

Show's about to start!
It was amazing!
It seemed to me and Trev that they had a smaller cast than when we saw it last
but they were powerful and very very good!
We LOVED our Glinda and Elphaba
they melded really well together and Glinda was hilarious!
She was way more active than the other Glinda's I'd seen
and I loved it!
We had so much fun and Andrew was so excited to finally see it!
It was his favorite musical that he had never seen
and now he has!
He even teared up at Defying Gravity and at the end,
and this is a huge deal guys.
Andrew can't cry so when he tears up,
it's something to celebrate (or freak out about - depending)
and of course I blubbered like a baby hahahaha ;)

But both before the show started and at intermission
I made it to the bathroom before the crazy lines started!
Points for the pregnant lady!
I should've gotten a reward hahahahaha
Baby girl was all excited too during the show ;)
I'm thinking she's gonna be a music girl like her parents ;)
She was dancing around through the first half
(making me need to pee about halfway through the first act,
but I waited til intermission! I was NOT gonna miss anything)
and then just kinda slowing down and relaxing during the second half.
I think she'd had too much excitement by the end of the night cuz
I started getting heartburn and feeling super nauseous.
Oh baby girl, so silly ;)

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better,
because I knew you,
I have been changed for good."

Ahhhh! I gotta go put in my CD now and sing at the top of my lungs!


  1. I LOVE WICKED!!!!!
    I've only seen it once, but man... I would love to see it again. I saw it like... 6 years ago when it was still brand new.
    That is all.
    Glad you guys had fun! :)

  2. I loved it too! I saw it earlier today and also thought that this was the best Glinda I've seen as well.


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