04 February 2012

My Andrew

Thanks for all the well-wishes ;) 
I got some really good meds
and am feeling better thank you ;)

Can I tell you (yet again) that I have the sweetest husband in the world?
He puts up with my crazy horomones,
and I do mean CRAZY.
Last night I wanted Cinnabon SOOO bad.
I had texted him while he was still at work,
cuz there's a Cinnabon upstairs from Best Buy
but he didn't get my text until he got home. :(
Sad day right?
Twasn't so ;)
He put on different clothes, even I got dressed
and he drove me back to the mall so I could get the Cinnabon I wanted ;)
Isn't he the sweetest!?

Fast forward a couple hours later,
and I get intense chest pain.
I'm guessing heartburn of sorts,
(thank you pregnant body)
during which not-so-pleasnt things were happening.
I'll spare you the details but just know it wasn't pretty,
and there was Andrew.
Holding my hand, getting me water,
helping me out to the couch to try and elevate both legs and head
to alleviate some of the pressure.
This amazing guy was holding me through the tears
and nonsense I was talking,
got me a hairtie,
wrapped me in blanket cuz I was freezing,
and put Bambi in the blu-ray player
(it's my sick movie).

He went back into the bedroom to sleep
cuz I told him to.
He went reluctantly and turned down our noise fan
in case I needed him ;)
He left me with 2 cups of cold water,
my pillows all around me for comfort,
and tucked me into the blanket so I didn't freeze.
My hubs is the greatest man in the entire world
and I don't deserve him in the least.
He's always there even when I don't know how badly I need him.
Sorry to get mushy,
but I do love him so much ;)
And he's the cutest thing since baby kittens ;)

Sorry ladies,
he's mine ;)


  1. Aww I love it. He sounds awesome!

  2. Awwww, I love it!!!
    Glad you're finally starting to feel a little bit better, and hoping that you keep getting healthier!!!

  3. Oh, I so totally understand! There are times in pregnancy and motherhood when you need some true love and help. Maybe that's why God made families and some really incredible guys.

  4. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well! But great that you have such an awesome hubby... they are the BEST to get through pregnancy! Feel Better!

  5. LOVE the picture at the end! The kittens compared to your hubby. So cute! And it's good to hear that you are feeling better! Yay for meds you can still take when you're pregnant!


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