23 February 2012

Life life life

So on Tuesday I got the coolest surprise mail!
My grandma in Colorado had sent me a bunch of maternity clothes
and even some clothes for Peanut when she's older! ;)

See how stinkin cute and little they are?!!?!?

Ahhh!! Pants!
And yes friends, they fit! ;)
And no, I don't do outfit posts.....
I can't make serious faces remember??
So you get to see the clothes before they come in contact
with my crazy faces hahahaha

And a dress!
We did have to exchange a couple things for sizing 
but I was so happy to have them!
Basically my grandma rocks!
(So does my other grandma!)

And I was able to get these since I knew I could fit
into the pants there at Old Navy!

Yay for shorts!!
They're long enough to cover my G's
AND I still have lots of room to grow!
(which I will!)
So exciting!

Also remember how my ring doesn't fit anymore?
Well now I have this to wear instead:

Yeah it's huge!!
And completely fake hahahaha ;)
It was $10 friends, thanks to my Avon amazing-ness ;)
My kids thought it was so pretty today
and wanted me to show them the sparkle
in the sun hahahaha
so cute!

Yesterday Andrew and I were able to go to the temple
for the first time as a couple!
So sad I know!
Trust me, I know it's sad....
but we went!
My grandparents were workers in the temple yesterday so we were able to
particpate with them
and my grandma was even able to help me through the last part ;)
Which was amazing!
After the temple, we went out for dinner.
We haven't been on a real date in a long time.
All dressed up and so we went to BJ's
cuz I REALLY wanted the root beer!
(they brew their own)
And they have famous pizookies
(please tell me everyone knows what pizookies are....)
so we didn't eat a lot of our food cuz we wanted to eat that
more than anything.
It was such a great night and we really enjoyed spending
some quality time together without any distractions
and being able to think clearly ;)

One last thing before I go watch Supernatural:

These may look like mere grapes to you,
but as they are FROZEN grapes
you can now ooo and ahhh at them ;)
And go freeze some for yourself,
they've been my favorite snack since I was a kid.
My grandpa and I are always snacking on them ;)


  1. I love BJ's pazookies! They are the best!

  2. Oooh! Fun ring! And sparkly, too. :)
    I love baby and kid clothes - so freakin adorable, I almost can't handle myself.
    And frozen grapes? Hmmm I might have to try those someday!

  3. Don't laugh at me... But WHAT are pazookies???


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