02 February 2012

Jury Duty

 So yesterday was the first day I'd ever done jury duty.
And not just like in city court, oh no.
In the middle of downtown Phoenix in Superior court!
Needless to say, I was nervous since I already had no idea what to do, 
let alone where in PHX it was and 
there's only a million different big buildings down there BTWs.

Luckily my amazing husband was nice enough to drop me off at 8:00AM
and show me the lightrail station I'd take to get home.
And he said "don't worry, tell them the truth and you'll be dismissed".
So I go in, sit around until 10 AM
and the baliff takes 45 of us to a courtroom.
First off, 45 people?! Yikes!
By the time we had a lunch break, they'd only excused 4 of us....
and not me!
The case (which I can't discuss) was not something I could
be impartial in and I said that first off.
The lawyers just really liked to question me about that....ugh.
So finally ay 4:15 they call us back in, after an hour of waiting
outside in the hallway, to pick the jury.
They only picked 9 of us!
Thankfully, they skipped over me and I finally got to go home!

Got home about 5 and I felt like crap.
I had woken up with a fever
(yeah I know, again....dang pregnant self...)
and the guy sitting next to me all day long was sneezing, sniffling, and coughing
and I had no sanitizer.....and only 2 bathroom breaks 
so handwashing wasn't happening as much as I wanted!
So this morning I wake up coughing up MY lung, 
sneezing all morning, and stomach issues.
Joyous yes?
Oh yes ;)
So I am home, drugged up, with a roll of toliet paper
to help stop the flow of snotty goodness,
watching Tv and wishing we had cable hahahahaha


  1. That sounds horrible, I've never had to do jury duty thankfully. Get better soon!

  2. Oh yucky on jury duty. And being sick. But I am jealous that you live in AZ.

  3. :( Please feel better!! You weren't supposed to get sick, remember?!?! Anyway, I'm glad you didn't ultimately get picked for jury duty!
    Sending virtual chicken soup your way!!!

  4. I've always wanted to do jury duty! Bummer you got sick though! I hope you feel better quick!

  5. Oh no! Court people should hand out masks to those people, like at doctor's offices. Lame. :(

  6. I LOVED jury duty when I went. But I was glad to not be called to be a part of the jury and I most definitely was not pregnant at the time. Haha. I do think it's cool that you get to hear all these interesting things about people's lives and you don't even know their names!


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