16 February 2012


So thanks to my lovely pre-natal pills my hair
has been growing and thickening.
Which for some people would be awesome
but I already have ridiculously thick hair
so this ever-thinkening madness must end!

I've been considering chopping my hair.
It's long enough to still put in a ponytail but that's really all I can do.
Oh or pigtail braids.
Granted I'm also very untalented in the hair area
so I like having hair that doesn't require much effort.
Now it's getting to the 
"I should probably do something with it" length
plus it's getting hot.....already!

So my hair now looks like so:

I can't make a serious face.....
sorry it's not in my genetic makeup.
Last January I chopped it to here

But even that was too much effort
so I'm thinking more along the lines of these:

So thoughts???
Plus I wanna color it too
so it looks slightly better than my dirty dishwater blonde/brownish nast.


  1. Don't do it!!!!
    Every time I chop my hair off, it ends up being more work, I hate it, and the growing out period is forever and a day. You could always get it layered and thinned out next time you get it cut. Those hair ladies are REALLY good at thinning hair if you ask for it!
    Just my two sense!
    Cute face, by the way. That's how you get all the boys, right?! ;)
    just messin'!

  2. Coming from a hairstylist, and somebody who's had short hair my whole life-those short styles may look effortless, but they're not. Depending on your hair texture and natural curl (or lack of), you'll have to style it daily. Granted, it will take less time to style, but every one of those pictures is blown out, then curled or flat ironed with product. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for short hair! But keep in mind that if you ever DON'T want to do your hair, it's tough luck, you pretty much have to. (since quick pony tails or braids are no longer an option.)

    That being said, If you're set on short, I think the last one, or the Mandy Moore one would be the best, but I wouldn't go any shorter than chin length, and definitely have them texturize it.

    Anyway, that's my soapbox! Sorry for rambling!

  3. I wish I could rock a pixi cut but I am afraid I have to round of a face for that. I love those cuts though! And every girl needs a little pampering from time to time. I say you should do a yummy cholocate brown for your color

  4. I had that Kate Witherspoon cute once. LOOOVED IT!!! But I must warn you, cutting your hair while prego isn't always the best idea. You just get rounder and rounder the further along you get and slightly longer hair seems to elongate a girls' face. I regretted making the rash decision and cutting mine during my last pregnancy. But you know best! Go for it if it makes you happy. :)

  5. Your hair is not thicker from pre-natal vitamins, it is from the hormones in your body from being pregnant. Pre-natal vitamins are essentially just vitamins with a punch for the baby.


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