29 February 2012


Thank you all SOOOO much for your opinions on this post!
You all make me feel so much better 
and I truly appreciate it.

Andrew and I had a long discussion about everything 
that I was worried about and how 
we would get through anything that MIGHT happen together.
And as long as we stay a team,
our daughter will be just fine and so will we ;)
I had a nice long good cry
while he held me and stroked my hair
telling me it was going to be ok.
After the mini meltdown, 
we snuggled in bed and watched Iron Man 2
(Andrew had homework so he needed something that would keep him awake).
I cannot imagine a better husband than mine.
Especially with how great he is at calming me down
when I start hyperventilating and worry too much.

I also have the greatest family in the world.
I have great parents that are always supportive.
My lovely mom agreed to come with me to my doctor's appointment
next week since Andrew can't.
(it's the gestational diabetes one where they take blood
and they always take a lot of blood from me so I get dizzy)
She's also my best friend.
I know I can always call her up and just vent to her
and she won't judge me
(too harshly hahahaha)
And she always gives us something to take home after we visit ;)
My dad is a rock!
He's always there with a hug and tells me how great I am
and jokes around with me all the time ;)

My grandparents are amazing
and love us so much!
We love to visit with them and chat
and help them around the house when we can ;)
We're actually gonna go over there this Saturday to cook them food
and play Phase 10 hahahaha

My in-laws are also great ;)
They're always there with good advice,
my sister-in-law is always willing to take Andrew to work if I have the car,
and of course they love us too ;)

I hope that when my daughter grows up 
she'll be/want to be as close to us
as we are to our family ;)
We're certainly gonna teach her that 
but I really hope I'll be one of her best friends when she's all grown up ;)


  1. Love it! You guys are gonna be awesome parents!

  2. I think a little anxiety about becoming parents means you're taking this seriously! Whatever horror stories you've heard, don't worry. You will deal with whatever comes your way, and you'll be surprised at how NOT scary it really is! You will be wonderful parents and better prepared than most.

    I remember feeling just like you before my little boy was born: http://bronandjessie.blogspot.com/2010/02/baby-anxiety.html


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