29 February 2012


Thank you all SOOOO much for your opinions on this post!
You all make me feel so much better 
and I truly appreciate it.

Andrew and I had a long discussion about everything 
that I was worried about and how 
we would get through anything that MIGHT happen together.
And as long as we stay a team,
our daughter will be just fine and so will we ;)
I had a nice long good cry
while he held me and stroked my hair
telling me it was going to be ok.
After the mini meltdown, 
we snuggled in bed and watched Iron Man 2
(Andrew had homework so he needed something that would keep him awake).
I cannot imagine a better husband than mine.
Especially with how great he is at calming me down
when I start hyperventilating and worry too much.

I also have the greatest family in the world.
I have great parents that are always supportive.
My lovely mom agreed to come with me to my doctor's appointment
next week since Andrew can't.
(it's the gestational diabetes one where they take blood
and they always take a lot of blood from me so I get dizzy)
She's also my best friend.
I know I can always call her up and just vent to her
and she won't judge me
(too harshly hahahaha)
And she always gives us something to take home after we visit ;)
My dad is a rock!
He's always there with a hug and tells me how great I am
and jokes around with me all the time ;)

My grandparents are amazing
and love us so much!
We love to visit with them and chat
and help them around the house when we can ;)
We're actually gonna go over there this Saturday to cook them food
and play Phase 10 hahahaha

My in-laws are also great ;)
They're always there with good advice,
my sister-in-law is always willing to take Andrew to work if I have the car,
and of course they love us too ;)

I hope that when my daughter grows up 
she'll be/want to be as close to us
as we are to our family ;)
We're certainly gonna teach her that 
but I really hope I'll be one of her best friends when she's all grown up ;)

28 February 2012


I just wanted to say that Andrew has me wrapped around his little finger ;)

Andrew asked for cookies,
and I then made them.
That is all ;)

27 February 2012


I need to get this off my chest now
before I drive Andrew completely insane.

Should I feel bad/incompetent/not prepared if I'm not reading up on all 
the different theories of child-raising?
Or haven't signed up for a birthing class yet?
(which I might not want to do a class because I've had discussions with my doctor
and read my information and other things,
so I know what to expect - plus I DO NOT want to watch the video
of some other woman giving birth.....no thanks)
Or haven't been buying tons of baby things yet?
Or that I haven't been doing all these prep classes that are so popular?
That we haven't bought a stroller or car seat or carrier
or rocking chair, etc?
(although thank you grandma for the crib!!!)
Or that I will most definitely be getting an epidural during labor?

I really start feeling like I'm going to be awful
when I read all these things 
(blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
and the things these mothers are doing, of which I am not doing any.
I don't want this to sound petty,
I'm just really curious for honest opnions.
Not mean ones y'all, just honesty ok?

Sometimes I think we all get so into the 
"stuff" for a baby
that we forget that the only thing that matters is that our baby
is safe and healthy and loved.
Now I understand knowing all sorts of information and deciding
between natural birthing or to have an epidural.
And I'm also super excited for all the cute little baby things
she'll be receiving soon ;)

My theory for raising children is to love them.
Have rules, enforce them with a firm but loving hand.
Teach them to love the Lord and their Heavenly Father,
teach them to pray,
to love the scriptures
(or at least to read them daily).
To show them we love them beyond anything in this world.
And that everything we do for them is because we love them.
I know that we want our daughter to love both of us
so we are going to take turns at night waking up with her,
taking care of her while the other is away, etc.

Anyone else feel slightly overwhelmed
reading all these posts and things??
Or is it just my crazy pregnancy brain talking to me?

25 February 2012

Sunday Confessions

So Alyx does a Sunday Confessions every week and I have never done it
cuz I forget to do it and she gets on my case about it ;)
So I guess I'll humor her and do it now!
You're welcome Alyx!

1. I may or may not have cried like a baby with happiness
when my grandparents told me that they were buyng the crib I wanted!
Regardless of the fact that it's super expensive
(disclaimer: I didn't know how expensive it was, Target didn't tell me prices
while I was registering for the furniture.
I am now going back through the entire thing and changing them if they're ridiculous!)

 2. My horomones are so crazy that I cry if I drop something and can't reach it.
This then makes me giggle and makes me look like a complete freak ;)

 3. I hate doing dishes....and I complain and complain
and beg and puppy-dog eye Andrew til he does them for me ;)

4. I had Cherry coke today for the first time in like a year.
Not sure why, but when we got our Subway sandwiches it sounded SOOO good
and it tasted delicious.

5. I have the best husband on the planet.
Yeah I know, I say it a lot but it's true.
Foot rubs, makes me giggle when I start worrying about baby girl
and issues with finances etc.
And he's freakin hot! ;)

6. We started watching the first season of 24 tonight and it's still just as awesome
as the first time I watched it!
And I may or may not have a semi-crush on Keifer Sutherland ;)
Fun fact: Keifer's dad is the guy playing President Snow in Hunger Games!

7. I have many celeb crushes.....
Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, Viggo Mortensen, 
Christian Bale (whom I've met!!), Christopher Reeve. 
Just to name a few ;)

I think that'll do for this first one ;)
Hopefully I'll come up with some more for next time!


23 February 2012

Life life life

So on Tuesday I got the coolest surprise mail!
My grandma in Colorado had sent me a bunch of maternity clothes
and even some clothes for Peanut when she's older! ;)

See how stinkin cute and little they are?!!?!?

Ahhh!! Pants!
And yes friends, they fit! ;)
And no, I don't do outfit posts.....
I can't make serious faces remember??
So you get to see the clothes before they come in contact
with my crazy faces hahahaha

And a dress!
We did have to exchange a couple things for sizing 
but I was so happy to have them!
Basically my grandma rocks!
(So does my other grandma!)

And I was able to get these since I knew I could fit
into the pants there at Old Navy!

Yay for shorts!!
They're long enough to cover my G's
AND I still have lots of room to grow!
(which I will!)
So exciting!

Also remember how my ring doesn't fit anymore?
Well now I have this to wear instead:

Yeah it's huge!!
And completely fake hahahaha ;)
It was $10 friends, thanks to my Avon amazing-ness ;)
My kids thought it was so pretty today
and wanted me to show them the sparkle
in the sun hahahaha
so cute!

Yesterday Andrew and I were able to go to the temple
for the first time as a couple!
So sad I know!
Trust me, I know it's sad....
but we went!
My grandparents were workers in the temple yesterday so we were able to
particpate with them
and my grandma was even able to help me through the last part ;)
Which was amazing!
After the temple, we went out for dinner.
We haven't been on a real date in a long time.
All dressed up and so we went to BJ's
cuz I REALLY wanted the root beer!
(they brew their own)
And they have famous pizookies
(please tell me everyone knows what pizookies are....)
so we didn't eat a lot of our food cuz we wanted to eat that
more than anything.
It was such a great night and we really enjoyed spending
some quality time together without any distractions
and being able to think clearly ;)

One last thing before I go watch Supernatural:

These may look like mere grapes to you,
but as they are FROZEN grapes
you can now ooo and ahhh at them ;)
And go freeze some for yourself,
they've been my favorite snack since I was a kid.
My grandpa and I are always snacking on them ;)

19 February 2012

This Weekend

Another great thing about having Trev over is that things get done ;)
He really wanted to decorate Rory's room so we let him have at it ;)
He's really good at this kind of stuff anyways so why not ya know?

Remember I can't make a serious face?

In the process ;)

My favorite Christ picture ;)

See those stars and things?
Anyone ever heard of fuse beads??
That's what those are made of and I made a gif
for you to see how to make them!

(click on it)

Any memories flashing back??
My family loves to make these ;)
So fun!

This is the wall where the crib will be under ;)

 And then Andrew did the living room for me! 
The map and frames have been sitting around since we moved in
and now they're up!!!
The license plate is from Andrew's mission and he really wanted to put it up ;)

And now I will recouperate from the awesomeness
that we did this weekend!
Happy no-work Monday! ;)

18 February 2012

"Not all of us can travel by BUBBLE!"

I love weekends ;) 
Have I mentioned that before?!
Now you should all know ;) 

We have my brother come stay with us for one weekend a month
(so that he gets a break from being the only one at home)
so we stole him this weekend ;)

First on the agenda was going to WICKED!!!
Ok now my bro and I had already seen it
(him once, me twice)
but Andrew never had and this was our Christmas gift from my grandparents
and we were STOKED!!!
(If you don't know what Wicked is go look it up and listen to the music,
if you don't like it......I might have to disown you)
So here are our three pictures to signify that we went:

 Poor Andrew was driving, that's why he's not looking at the camera hahaha

2nd row Grand tier baby!!! AHHHHH!!!

Show's about to start!
It was amazing!
It seemed to me and Trev that they had a smaller cast than when we saw it last
but they were powerful and very very good!
We LOVED our Glinda and Elphaba
they melded really well together and Glinda was hilarious!
She was way more active than the other Glinda's I'd seen
and I loved it!
We had so much fun and Andrew was so excited to finally see it!
It was his favorite musical that he had never seen
and now he has!
He even teared up at Defying Gravity and at the end,
and this is a huge deal guys.
Andrew can't cry so when he tears up,
it's something to celebrate (or freak out about - depending)
and of course I blubbered like a baby hahahaha ;)

But both before the show started and at intermission
I made it to the bathroom before the crazy lines started!
Points for the pregnant lady!
I should've gotten a reward hahahahaha
Baby girl was all excited too during the show ;)
I'm thinking she's gonna be a music girl like her parents ;)
She was dancing around through the first half
(making me need to pee about halfway through the first act,
but I waited til intermission! I was NOT gonna miss anything)
and then just kinda slowing down and relaxing during the second half.
I think she'd had too much excitement by the end of the night cuz
I started getting heartburn and feeling super nauseous.
Oh baby girl, so silly ;)

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better,
because I knew you,
I have been changed for good."

Ahhhh! I gotta go put in my CD now and sing at the top of my lungs!

16 February 2012


So thanks to my lovely pre-natal pills my hair
has been growing and thickening.
Which for some people would be awesome
but I already have ridiculously thick hair
so this ever-thinkening madness must end!

I've been considering chopping my hair.
It's long enough to still put in a ponytail but that's really all I can do.
Oh or pigtail braids.
Granted I'm also very untalented in the hair area
so I like having hair that doesn't require much effort.
Now it's getting to the 
"I should probably do something with it" length
plus it's getting hot.....already!

So my hair now looks like so:

I can't make a serious face.....
sorry it's not in my genetic makeup.
Last January I chopped it to here

But even that was too much effort
so I'm thinking more along the lines of these:

So thoughts???
Plus I wanna color it too
so it looks slightly better than my dirty dishwater blonde/brownish nast.