29 January 2012

The Wedding

I wrote about the wedding yesterday but didn't have my 5 photos
ready to upload yet hahahaha

Yeah I only took 5 photos cuz first off, they had professional photographers
that kept getting in my way so no good angles,
plus the sun was seriously in the worst possible position
where I couldn't see let alone know where my camera was pointing hahahaha

But I'll show you anyways!

The dinner menu ;)
I got the prime rib and it was yummy (the 3 bites I had)
but WAY too rare for me
(it was kinda still bleeding......NAST!)
Andrew finished it for me so I didn't feel so bad ;)

This was the first wedding we'd attended together as a married couple!
Sad right??
And we've only been to one reception together since OUR reception
hahahahaha oh sad

We were in the corner of the room,
so this was to show that we were outcasts hahaha
but I liked being close to the bathroom ;)
We almost had the table completely to ourselves, but another couple did show up :(
But it was fun too cuz they were the OTHER Mormons at this non-LDS wedding ;)
And she was pregnant too!
Although this was their 4th kid, so she wasn't as excited 
as I was about the whole baby thing heehee

I LOVED the centerpieces! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Other tables had white roses instead of red
but oh so pretty!

First time we'd been officially labeled
"Mr and Mrs Andrew Mills"
I felt super cool!

I was going to take pictures of the food,
but let's be honest here...
they basically starved us and made us last
so when said food was on my plate,
it went into my belly quicker than the speed of light hahahaha
so I will tell you that it was DELICIOUS! 
And you're just gonna have to trust me ;)

We ended up leaving slightly early because we were tired,
and we needed to stop by my parentals and drop stuff off
but it was a beautiful ceremony
and the bride looked STUNNING ;)
So congrats Erica and Dan!

And yes, I stole this from a friend of hers on Facebook,
don't judge me! ;)

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