12 January 2012

Taking care of a little business

Sorry for the two posts in one day but
I want to make something very clear for some readers.
What I post on my blog is public yes,
and it's part of my life,
but I don't write everything on here.
I really only like to write the fun things we do,
and fun things we get.
So to some this apparently seems wasteful
and shameful.
And like we don't have any responsibility
or that we aren't adults.

Personally, this is MY blog.
If you don't like what I'm writing and sharing here,
then feel free to not come by.
I understand that everyone has an 
opinion but when you start to attack my life,
that's not ok.
It's hurtful.
I don't judge people for how they live their lives,
so I expect the same respect.

I truly don't wanna write on here:
did laundry,
paid rent,
paid for internet,
paid for energy,
Cuz to me that just seems like I'm checking off a list
and my blog is for me to write fun things
and things I want to share with the friends I've made
through the blog-o-sphere.

So I apologize to anyone that may have been
offended by my "way of life"
and "lack of responsibility".
I can promise you that I love my husband
and that we are more than capable of keeping ourselves comfortable
and that we pay all our bills before we buy anything
frivolous and/or silly.
And we are perfectly able to provide for ourselves and our baby.

End of crazy novel.


  1. It's your blog...say what you like! No one really wants to read the mundane daily chores anyways, and like you said...those that have a problem with happy things don't have to read it. You would think people would be happy for you that you are able to take care of yourselves and have some left over for the fun stuff too. Blog on!

  2. wait, what happened??? did someone hate on your blog? Imma kill em

  3. I'm sorry someone said something to you! I enjoy reading your blog because you do share the good of your life, and it is important to focus on the good! =)

  4. Ugh. People are stupid. I never understood why people leave mean comments. I personally appreciate that you share only the fun stuff. I mean, I wouldn't go around on my blog and be like, so husband and I fought today, because a) no one cares about my drama and b) there are personal things that can and should stay personal. Sheesh.

  5. Not cool dude! I don't think for one second you ever gave that impression! Brush em off girl!

  6. Ali-Girl . . . Kick her to the curb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your blogs. Aaaaaand, love you, Andrew and Rory more than all the stars in the sky! Mwa! Grandma ;-]

  7. Gah! I do not understand why people attack others' blogs! So frustrating! I hope it doesn't happen ever again!


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