11 January 2012

Our Dear One

We were so excited for our appointment yesterday ;)
I had an eye doctor appointment that morning and the whole office was all excited 
for us to find out too (it was funny)
They all knew I was pregnant cuz they couldn't dialate my eyes hahaha
apparently there's some chemical that would mess with me and the baby
so they had to take a super cool (and slightly expensive)
picture of my retina! 

In the morning Andrew said "Guess what!? We get to know who our baby is today!!"
He was so cute and excited!
And after my eye doctor appointment,
I got to order new glasses!!!
New prescription = new glasses and a pair of sunglasses!
I'm so happy to get those soon! I really like being able
to see better! 
(It had been 3 years since my last exam...yeah I know, slacker!)

The top 2 are my glasses and this last pair are gonna be my sunglasses!

Ok ok I'll talk about the reason you all came to this post ;)
Our sweet little baby ;)
We were in and out of the office within 20 mintues!
It was the fastest appointment we've had so far.
The nurse came in to hear the heartbeat
and she found it WAY faster than last time!
Granted Peanut is also a lot bigger now than the last time so we could hear easier ;)
Dr Tutt came in and asked how we were doing,
how baby was feeling
I told him that I can't really feel the baby much,
but I knew when I ate the wrong thing or if I didn't sleep enough
and he was happy to hear that my appetite was coming back 
AND that I had only gained ONE POUND in the past 5 weeks!
Thank you thank you! ;)
So he turns on the ultrasound machine and we see our baby!
The baby was waving at us and all of us laughed at that,
but baby didn't want to show us a face :(

See the little nose poking up there??
SOOO cute!

 Dr Tutt checked all the vitals,
then asked us if we wanted to know gender or not
I said YES PLEASE!!!
And he went down the abdomen to the legs
telling us the whole time that everything looks great and 
healthy and that we're having

A GIRL!!!!
The little plus sign is in the empty space
where a boy part would be if there was one,
but there's not!
So our little darling one is a daughter!!
We are so happy!
Our siblings are so excited to become uncles and aunt!
Our parents are super excited to become grandparents!
And my grandparents are so happy to be great-grandparents!

So in June we will be welcoming 
Aurora Rose Mills
to the world!! ;)
I am so happy to be able to call my baby by name now!! ;)
Thank you for the well-wishes and the love you have all showed us!



  1. So excited for your new little family! Love that name you picked for her :)

  2. Cute name! How exciting to be having a little girl!

  3. Princess name for a little princess!!! So excited for you! The whole first half of the post I was practically screaming at you through my computer screen to JUST TELL ME ALREADY!!!!
    Glad you did, or else Max the Macbook would have been mad at me for shaking him.

  4. That is a beautiful and fitting name for little miss!!! SO EXCITED for you!!! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Congratulations on a little GIRL!!! Puts a smile on my face. I am happy for you to become a mother. It's an incredible adventure. What a beautiful name. Aurora was my favorite Disney princess.

  6. That's soooo exciting!! We find out in a couple weeks.

    Also love the name!

  7. Woohoo!!! :] So excited for your sweet baby girl! And her name is LOVELY! You will have so much fun with your own little princess! Also, I love the glasses you picked out!!


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