05 January 2012

Oh happy day!

Ok I wanted to share my happiness at having food in the house!
We got our grant/loan money for school and with the extra we were able to 
pay off other debts we had, set some in savings, and 
get some food into our otherwise empty pantry and fridge ;)

I don't have pictures of how empty it was before 
just imagine it barren and cold ;)
And echoey hahahahaha

Ok this is here to prove that I can now see my sink
after all the holiday dishes
(and buying detergent for the dishwasher hahahaha)

And who doesn't like Costco muffins??
Yum and the best!

Ok my parents technically bought this for us with their insurance money ;)
It's a thermometer that you use on the temple/forehead
and it's perfect for baby (and mom).
I was so excited cuz the one we have now isn't very reliable
(I run fevers of 93.2 all the time)

Ok I didn't buy this either.
This is a lamp from my great-grandmother's old house in CO.
My parents got 3 or 4 of them and I was jealous
so they gave me one for Peanut's room ;)
And it's a touch lamp - so no noise when baby is up at night ;)

So can I get a HOORAY for that food now in my posession?!
I know!
The angels were singing praises and so was my belly/baby ;)
And can I say that I LOVE Costco ;)
It was the first time I'd shopped there FOR me and I was overwhelmed
but super amazed at the same time!
Now I'm gonna go eat one of my apples ;)


  1. Prepare to be shocked.

    I have NEVER shopped at costco.

    I know, I know.

    We just have never lived anywhere that has one.

  2. My grandma has those EXACT same lamps on her nightstands. I used to always touch them over and over. Loved them. Maybe I should talk to her about inheriting them.


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