14 January 2012


Firstly let me say thank you for all the encouraging words
you sent me ;)
I'm glad that you all still enjoy reading my random posts and that I shouldn't feel discouraged.
It truly helped me more than you can imagine ;)
I'm so grateful for such wonderful blog/real world friends
(although I consider you ALL real world friends for the record) ;)

I decided I wanted to show you what I had done with my new nail polish!
Now please know that I am NOT a nail artist,
and I haven't painted my nails is a really long time ok??
Ok here's the color I used for my fingernails:

It's called "Dive Bar".
It's basically a dark shimmery teal color and I love it!
Please forgive the "ragged edges" of my fingers ;)
My kids at school liked it too hahahaha
they asked me if my baby liked the color and if that was why I chose it ;)
They're so cute and funny no??

Then last night,
while bored and watching both Mummy movies
(not a fan of the 3rd one, nor Scorpion King...uck)
I did my toes!
Again, forgive my messy delivery hahahaha

The blue is called "Mesmerized"
and then just the plain white color they have.
I used a pin from my sweing kit to help make the dots
(hence the sketchy and misplaced dots hahahaha)

I haven't done my nails myself in years!
I usually pay for a pedicure and get acrylic nails done
(whenever I can afford it - like dances, birthdays, wedding, etc)
So this was way better for my wallet and it took up some time
and kept me occupied ;)
I do enjoy a project of sorts and this was a great time-spender!!

I also want to say that I seriously have the BEST husband in the world.
He is so loving and sweet to me even when I don't deserve it,
or feel completely discouraged.
He is always there with a hug and a kiss.
He's willing to talk to me when I either wake him up
or keep him up late
cuz I've had something on my mind
and I need to talk to him about it.
I love having his support in everything I do
and I love supporting him in everything he does.

Currently he's seeking other employment so we can get medical coverage
for us and our baby.
(We're covered under our parents for now)
and so that I hopefully don't have to go back to work after
she's born.
That's our goal and prayer is that he can find something
that allows me to not have to work so I can be a SAHM ;)
That's been my goal since I was a little girl and 
Andrew is wonderful for trying his hardest to make it happen!
Now if it doesn't happen,
we'll still be fine ;)
I've got plenty of baby-sitters I can use hahahahaha

But if anyone here in the valley hears of anything promising
(full-time preferred but if he can get benefits part-time)
and for more than 10 an hour
PLEASE email me and let me know!
He also just really wants to change workplaces
you know??

And once again, thank you loves for being the greatest
blog buddies in the whole world!



  1. LOVE your nails! They make me want to paint mine. Haha. I guess I should stop being lazy and do it! And your kids at school are so cute! :] And yay for all the hard work your husband does and the support he give you. Husbands are the very best!

  2. YAY for husbands! I know Rio Salado is hiring right now! If you go to the website type in employment or careers into the search bar and you'll find the openings :) and yay for awesome hubbys!

  3. Try paypal. They recently in the last year or so moved their coportate office into the valley. I am not sure if they require a Bachelor's degree though, most places do these days, but it's worth a shot! I would think if you went online to paypal there should be a careers section of their website. Good Luck!


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