21 January 2012

Halfway mark!

Today's the day my friends!
I'm halfway though my pregnancy!!!
20 weeks baby!
And in only 20ish more weeks I'll be able to hold my precious baby girl ;)
I honestly cannot wait! ;)
Andrew and I already love her so much,
it's hard to imagine loving her even more 
but I look forward to it daily.
I talk to her all the time and ask her to be nice to me
and let me sleep or relax hahahaha
I sing to her sometimes without even realizing it
Andrew laughs and then gets al excited and sings with me ;)
Our car is our soundstage hahahaha

My mom asked me a few days ago if we were gonna
bombard her with Sleeping Beauty
or even just Princesses and I said no.
I wanna wait til she's older and see if she's like me
(doesn't like pink or Barbies, etc)
or if she's more like her grandma then I can encourage
all sorts of things ;)
Now that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna dress her cute
with bows and frills
cuz let's face it, I totally will ;)
I am however going to decorate her room in Disney pictures,
and her Uncle Trevor is going to draw her a couple pictures
to hang up on the walls.
I'm even gonna put up my old Little Mermaid poster,
passing it on to my little one.
(we'll see if it makes it through her life to HER daughter hahahaha)

 I love knowing that she's growing strong inside me
and that she's just as stubborn as her parents so far ;)
I haven't felt any kicks still
but I've been feeling more of her movements
(at least I'm pretty sure it's her movements hahahaha)
and happily, a lot of the nausea has subsided.
Only thing now is that my immune system is
basically shot so I catch everything from the kids at church and school
it's kinda comical when I think about it
but still stinks :(

This little baby girl is worth every little piece of being uncomfortable.
So I am now gonna chillax here and watch
Lord of the Rings along with a nice bowl
of sherbet ;)
(Rory loves sherbet hahahaha)


  1. Halfway! That's a huge milestone. Congrats! I love hearing about your baby-growing adventures.

  2. That's so exciting! YAY for being half-way!

  3. Awww! How cute! Congrats on being halfway there, girly!

  4. thats so exciting!
    She'll be here before you know it!

  5. Oh wow! ONLY 20 weeks to go huh!? Can't wait to meet her!


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