20 January 2012

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3

So last night Andrew and I went to Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3
and it was awesome!
We had so much fun and it was so cute!!
So prepare yourself for a picture overload ;)

 I wanted to document that this hairstyle actually worked for me!
First time it's ever actually worked hahahaha

So excited (and checking the camera)

11th row! We were so close!

Ok this picture is the dancers
doing the Hoedown Throwdown!
No joke....and I sang every word hahahaha
They did the dance about 3 times

It was really fun and the kid sitting next to me
hit me about 30 times with the sword his dad bought him,
along with kicking me a few times as he was placed in his father's lap ;)
It was hilarious and he never meant to hit me,
for the record, he apologized when he was consious of what he did ;)
So fun and I'm so looking forward to Wicked next month!!!

And today I signed up to be an Avon rep.
So please if you are interested, email me and I'll set y'all up ;)
I'm gonna be setting up a web page
(as soon as my info gets through the grid)
and then it'll be even easier
and more fun!
I promise this will be the last time I mention it on the blog
as a "buy buy buy" thing.
I'm not that kind of person so I just wanna get it out there
and email me if you're interested
(or comment)

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  1. I have a friend that is part of that show. He skates as a prince. It looks like a great show.


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