17 January 2012

Crazy Baby

My adorable and crazy baby girl has been making life
a little bit difficult.
In this stage of my pregnancy, 
she's starting to get on a newborn sleep cycle.
So I'm wide awake 6-7 times a night, 
and only able to sleep about 3-4 hours
which makes work really hard
and I often get sharp back and chest pain.
But she's worth all of it.
I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and love on her ;)
On Saturday, I'll be 20 weeks!
The halfway point!
I'm so excited and I am so anxious to be a mom!
Looking at baby things,
is making me super excited and I'm telling you
that there are just too many cute little things that she's gonna
"need" you know?? ;)

And since we're having this beautiful girl,
I've signed up for info on becoming an Avon lady hahahaha
It's something I can do from home,
and it will help us supplement some income
if I'm not working at the school after she's born.
I'm thinking this is a very smart move
and as such, if everything works out
and I'm able to start soon
y'all can order Avon products through me ;)
And you would all be my BFFs
for helping a sister out!

I also thought about Pampered Chef
but that was SUPER expensive to start
and quite frankly,
their products are really good but also pricey
and most people I know aren't in a situation
to spend that kind of money ;)

So anyone else a fan of Avon??
I would literally die of chapped lips if it wasn't for
Avon's Care Deeply ;)
I ordered 10 at one time cuz I didn't pay attention
and was down to only 1!
Hahahahahaha ;)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you to be a mom! Lately I've been loving buying and looking at baby stuff, and I'm nowhere near pregnant right now :) haha I can't wait to see little Rory!

  2. I LOVE Avon! That is a good idea! :)

  3. look into Wildtree! I'm not sure if it's available in your area, but that's what makes it awesome. It's not all over the place so you're not competing with so many other sellers. It's food stuff, seasonings, rubs, etc. My friend does it & I was skeptical, but I love it! Especially their grapeseed oils! Good luck!

  4. I use to sell Avon! I have so many products and i love every single one of them!

    love your blog! newest follower <3
    Visit sometime, and follow back?


  5. Good luck on the Avon adventure. I wish I could say I was an Avon user but I am a total makeup snob and Chanel or MAC are the only products I use. I figure might as well splurge now because when my own wee ones come along makeup is the first expense that's out the window :)

  6. YEP!!!! Will buy Avon from you . . . especially Care Deeply! Sooooooooo excited about Baby Rory. ;-] Grandma


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