25 January 2012

Crazy Baby Dreams

I gotta tell you about this crazy dream I had last night!
Oh my hahahaha
Normally my dreams are all over the place anyways,
but for some reason last night was just super bizarre!

So I was dating the Green Lantern (yeah Ryan Reynolds boo yeah!)
only it was also Andrew at times, don't ask how that was working,
it just happened.
And it was fun and all,
then I saw my friend Morgan, who's getting married in March, 
in a mall in a wedding dress
and then I was in MY wedding dress walking around the mall with her
and giving her "advice".
And my friends from high school showed up cuz they were
her entourage in the wedding dress trying-on event
and somehow I wasn't.
But they were all impressed that I could fit into my dress while being pregnant.

My Green Lantern then showed up asking me why I was in my wedding dress
and I said cuz I can but didn't he like it?
And of course, cuz he can fly, we swoop off somewhere
and I woke up because I have a fear of heights hahahahaha

I mean, really??
I feel like I've dreamed everything possible.
I have dreamed many times that I had a miscarriage,
and those cause me to wake up with a start,
and sometimes wake Andrew up to comfort me.
I've dreamt about superheroes,
people I haven't seen in years,
our future daughter and hopefully son later,
it's insane.
I ususally wake up even more tired than I went to bed,
I'm guessing mostly because of these dreams.
I dreamed before I was pregnant but these have been so intense
and pretty much every night so sleep isn't truly restful hahahahaha

Oh dear ;)
This crazy baby gives me the craziest dreams
but I mean come one,
dating the Green Lantern?
That's gotta be on the awesome list right??? ;)

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  1. Holy cow. It sounds like pregnancy does all sorts of whacko things to a body! I mean, really!!


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