03 January 2012


So I figured I'd hop on the 2012 train with my peeps. ;)
I used to make resolutions,
and every year I would fail.
Mostly it would be because the goals were unrealistic and truly unattainable.
Sometimes it was just that circumstances change and so do people etc etc.

So this new year,
NO specific resolutions.
I really just want to enjoy life.
Enjoy getting ready for this amazing miracle of a baby to get here,
spending time with my amazing husband,
try to re-assert my love for the job I have,
meet some new friends and hopefully make some new BFFs.

On a random note,
why are people already deadset on Valentine's Day?
It's still over a month away!
Sheesh people! ;)


  1. I for one hate Valentine's Day. Because I'm awesome like that.

  2. I agree about Valentine's Day! Can't we have just a few days without focusing on a holiday?

  3. This will be a big year for you two with a baby coming!

    I'm not ready for Valentine's Day yet. It still feels like it is a ways away!

  4. I think it's because people who aren't looking forward to a new baby like you need something more menial to look forward to, ergo next closest holiday. I took down my Christmas stuff yesterday, so I'll get out my 2 valentine's decorations this week. That's about it.

    On resolutions:
    I have never really made any. Unless you count the first day of school when the teacher would make an assignment out of it that we all promptly forgot about when finished. But on Sunday I was thinking that this year I needed to be WAY better about going to the temple. So I made the goal to go at least once every month, even if it's without Eric. I feel good about this.


Welcome to our adventure!