29 January 2012

The Wedding

I wrote about the wedding yesterday but didn't have my 5 photos
ready to upload yet hahahaha

Yeah I only took 5 photos cuz first off, they had professional photographers
that kept getting in my way so no good angles,
plus the sun was seriously in the worst possible position
where I couldn't see let alone know where my camera was pointing hahahaha

But I'll show you anyways!

The dinner menu ;)
I got the prime rib and it was yummy (the 3 bites I had)
but WAY too rare for me
(it was kinda still bleeding......NAST!)
Andrew finished it for me so I didn't feel so bad ;)

This was the first wedding we'd attended together as a married couple!
Sad right??
And we've only been to one reception together since OUR reception
hahahahaha oh sad

We were in the corner of the room,
so this was to show that we were outcasts hahaha
but I liked being close to the bathroom ;)
We almost had the table completely to ourselves, but another couple did show up :(
But it was fun too cuz they were the OTHER Mormons at this non-LDS wedding ;)
And she was pregnant too!
Although this was their 4th kid, so she wasn't as excited 
as I was about the whole baby thing heehee

I LOVED the centerpieces! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Other tables had white roses instead of red
but oh so pretty!

First time we'd been officially labeled
"Mr and Mrs Andrew Mills"
I felt super cool!

I was going to take pictures of the food,
but let's be honest here...
they basically starved us and made us last
so when said food was on my plate,
it went into my belly quicker than the speed of light hahahaha
so I will tell you that it was DELICIOUS! 
And you're just gonna have to trust me ;)

We ended up leaving slightly early because we were tired,
and we needed to stop by my parentals and drop stuff off
but it was a beautiful ceremony
and the bride looked STUNNING ;)
So congrats Erica and Dan!

And yes, I stole this from a friend of hers on Facebook,
don't judge me! ;)

28 January 2012


Um so who loves my new blog look??? 
Alyx did it for me and she was so amazingly patient with me and my craziness ;)
Isn't she amazing??
I love it!

This weekend has been kinda insane....
or maybe it just feels insane
because I woke and completely thought it was Monday already.....
that's just not right!
And our adorable daughter doesn't like to let her mother sleep :/
Oh child!!

But we did get to go to my really good friend's wedding tonight ;)
It was sweet, funny, and full of love
and I couldn't be happier for Erica and Dan!
I did get to snap a couple pictures,
but I couldn't get any of the bride and groom 
cuz they didn't stay stationary for long.

I am now going to eat more sherbet,
and snuggle in the sheets while watching Stardust
to hopefully relax enough to fall asleep for most of the night ;)

26 January 2012

Swap Sponsors

I wanna be cool like all the other cool kids ;)
I wanna do a button swap (I already do with a bunch of ladies)
so if you're interested, email me ;)
I love meeting new people and I wanna fill my space with even more friends!


P.S. yes, this is a FREE button swap ;)

25 January 2012

Crazy Baby Dreams

I gotta tell you about this crazy dream I had last night!
Oh my hahahaha
Normally my dreams are all over the place anyways,
but for some reason last night was just super bizarre!

So I was dating the Green Lantern (yeah Ryan Reynolds boo yeah!)
only it was also Andrew at times, don't ask how that was working,
it just happened.
And it was fun and all,
then I saw my friend Morgan, who's getting married in March, 
in a mall in a wedding dress
and then I was in MY wedding dress walking around the mall with her
and giving her "advice".
And my friends from high school showed up cuz they were
her entourage in the wedding dress trying-on event
and somehow I wasn't.
But they were all impressed that I could fit into my dress while being pregnant.

My Green Lantern then showed up asking me why I was in my wedding dress
and I said cuz I can but didn't he like it?
And of course, cuz he can fly, we swoop off somewhere
and I woke up because I have a fear of heights hahahahaha

I mean, really??
I feel like I've dreamed everything possible.
I have dreamed many times that I had a miscarriage,
and those cause me to wake up with a start,
and sometimes wake Andrew up to comfort me.
I've dreamt about superheroes,
people I haven't seen in years,
our future daughter and hopefully son later,
it's insane.
I ususally wake up even more tired than I went to bed,
I'm guessing mostly because of these dreams.
I dreamed before I was pregnant but these have been so intense
and pretty much every night so sleep isn't truly restful hahahahaha

Oh dear ;)
This crazy baby gives me the craziest dreams
but I mean come one,
dating the Green Lantern?
That's gotta be on the awesome list right??? ;)

23 January 2012

A long distance relationship

Thanks so much for the well-wishes!! 
I'm so oober excited for this little girl to get here ;)
(mostly so she can stop bossing me around ;) )

So I know a few of you know Alyx
and know that she's pretty awesome.
Well she and I decided to Skype on Sunday
(with both hubs')
and play a game of Settlers of Catan on the computer.
It was such a blast!
(I've basically decided that we're in a long distnace relationship)
Poor Alyx and Mike were so tired though!
It's only an 8 hour difference I mean sheesh!
It was hilarious listening to them
make their dinner in the tiny kitchen
(her camera was being difficult at first so we could only hear)
and then lo and behold:

Alyx came into view!
She's probably gonna kill me for this later hahahaha
and then we could play our game!
Andrew and I had thought we would be playing with real boards,
we were making it WAY more complicated than it needed to be hahaha.
Then they mentioned the online version and I was like
"There's an online version!? Sweet!!"
And thus began one of the funniest games I've played.
And I loved that they were just as "cut-throat"
as we are ;)

Mike won the first game
and Andrew demanded a re-match if they weren't too tired.
Then Andrew beat us the second time ;)
Alyx and I stood NO chance on this stupid second board....
just trust me when I say it was retarded.

So about 4 hours later,
and after 2 games of Settlers
we said goodnight and they stayed up even later hahahaha
We had such a blast and I wanna do it again!
(and yes, my computer is named Lola, don't judge) ;)

Anyone else know this game and want to Skype play with me??
Or challenge me and the hubs??
Come on....anyone??

21 January 2012

Halfway mark!

Today's the day my friends!
I'm halfway though my pregnancy!!!
20 weeks baby!
And in only 20ish more weeks I'll be able to hold my precious baby girl ;)
I honestly cannot wait! ;)
Andrew and I already love her so much,
it's hard to imagine loving her even more 
but I look forward to it daily.
I talk to her all the time and ask her to be nice to me
and let me sleep or relax hahahaha
I sing to her sometimes without even realizing it
Andrew laughs and then gets al excited and sings with me ;)
Our car is our soundstage hahahaha

My mom asked me a few days ago if we were gonna
bombard her with Sleeping Beauty
or even just Princesses and I said no.
I wanna wait til she's older and see if she's like me
(doesn't like pink or Barbies, etc)
or if she's more like her grandma then I can encourage
all sorts of things ;)
Now that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna dress her cute
with bows and frills
cuz let's face it, I totally will ;)
I am however going to decorate her room in Disney pictures,
and her Uncle Trevor is going to draw her a couple pictures
to hang up on the walls.
I'm even gonna put up my old Little Mermaid poster,
passing it on to my little one.
(we'll see if it makes it through her life to HER daughter hahahaha)

 I love knowing that she's growing strong inside me
and that she's just as stubborn as her parents so far ;)
I haven't felt any kicks still
but I've been feeling more of her movements
(at least I'm pretty sure it's her movements hahahaha)
and happily, a lot of the nausea has subsided.
Only thing now is that my immune system is
basically shot so I catch everything from the kids at church and school
it's kinda comical when I think about it
but still stinks :(

This little baby girl is worth every little piece of being uncomfortable.
So I am now gonna chillax here and watch
Lord of the Rings along with a nice bowl
of sherbet ;)
(Rory loves sherbet hahahaha)

20 January 2012

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3

So last night Andrew and I went to Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3
and it was awesome!
We had so much fun and it was so cute!!
So prepare yourself for a picture overload ;)

 I wanted to document that this hairstyle actually worked for me!
First time it's ever actually worked hahahaha

So excited (and checking the camera)

11th row! We were so close!

17 January 2012

Crazy Baby

My adorable and crazy baby girl has been making life
a little bit difficult.
In this stage of my pregnancy, 
she's starting to get on a newborn sleep cycle.
So I'm wide awake 6-7 times a night, 
and only able to sleep about 3-4 hours
which makes work really hard
and I often get sharp back and chest pain.
But she's worth all of it.
I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and love on her ;)
On Saturday, I'll be 20 weeks!
The halfway point!
I'm so excited and I am so anxious to be a mom!
Looking at baby things,
is making me super excited and I'm telling you
that there are just too many cute little things that she's gonna
"need" you know?? ;)

And since we're having this beautiful girl,
I've signed up for info on becoming an Avon lady hahahaha
It's something I can do from home,
and it will help us supplement some income
if I'm not working at the school after she's born.
I'm thinking this is a very smart move
and as such, if everything works out
and I'm able to start soon
y'all can order Avon products through me ;)
And you would all be my BFFs
for helping a sister out!

I also thought about Pampered Chef
but that was SUPER expensive to start
and quite frankly,
their products are really good but also pricey
and most people I know aren't in a situation
to spend that kind of money ;)

So anyone else a fan of Avon??
I would literally die of chapped lips if it wasn't for
Avon's Care Deeply ;)
I ordered 10 at one time cuz I didn't pay attention
and was down to only 1!
Hahahahahaha ;)

16 January 2012

11 Facts

I got tagged in the 11 Things blog thing by Alyx ;)

The rules:
1. Post the rules.
2. Post 11 things about you.
3. Answer the questions the tagger asked you.
4. Write 11 questions for the ones you tag.

Ok here goes:
1. I am a European classic novel nerd

2. I am obsessed with Criminal Minds

3. I always prefer being cold over hot
(you can always snuggle)

4. I am a lover of chocolate

5. I like certain fantasy books

6. I'm the oldest of three. My brothers are 20 and 16
(Yikes I'm old)

7. I love Broadway musicals

8. I want to travel the world before I kick it ;)
Especially a Holocaust tour

9. I used to work at Disneyland and it was stressful but fun at the same time

10. I love movies ;)
I also love going to the movies,
the smell of popcorn popping and it tastes delicious

11. I am a Disney freak (hence why I worked at the
Happiest Place on Earth)
And yes, our daughter is being named after Sleeping Beauty ;)

Ok so Alyx's questions were:

1. How old were you when you got your first kiss?
I was 16, first boyfriend and everything

2. What is your favorite sport?
I love watching the Olympics,
especially volleyball, wrestling, ice skating.
I don't really have one I like to play though.

3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
I say as many as it takes to enjoy the flavoring around the Tootsie roll ;)

4. What is your favorite board game?
I like Uno, Scattergories, Apples to Apples

5. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Got up and moved to California to work at Disneyland
when I'm a total homebody and hate change

6. Do you have a bucket list?
Yes and no.
I have certain things I wanna do but I don't have them
on a specific list or anything.

7. Would you rather pick your nose and eat your boogers or touch your poop?
Alyx, what kind of a question is this???
Um none........I'm kinda nauseated thinking about it
Uck uck uck

8. Have you ever played DDR?
Oh yeah!
I wasn't exposed to it until I ws in high school
but I loved it once I got the hang of it ;)

9. What's your favorite movie?
The Princess Bride
and Beauty and the Beast/Little Mermaid
is super close ;)
I love pretty much all Disney movies too

10. Would you rather smell fish every day for the rest of your life,
or eat fish every day for the rest of your life?
If it's tuna I would rather eat it than smell it.
But only tuna ;)

11. Grossest thing you've ever eaten?
Octopus and chocolate-covered ants.
My dad served his mission in South Korea
so he introduced us to those cuisines..

So my questions are:

1. Who is your biggest inspiration?
2. What's the biggest milestone you've crossed so far?
3. Where's your favorite place to eat?
4. Do you work out? And if you do, how often?
5.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
6. What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?
7. Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? If so, do you keep them?
8. What's your favorite vacation you've taken?
9. What's your favorite Disney song?
10. Do you have a favorite Broadway play (musical or non-musical)?
11. What's your favorite comfort food?

I'm gonna tag these lovely ladies:
Siri from Of Pumpkin Theives and Buffalo Wings
Carlie from Life...Full of Stories
Emma from Race and Emma
Kaycie from Redhead Memories
Kassie & Kayli from Truly Lovely with the Laney Sisters

and anyone else that wants to do it ;)

15 January 2012

Lust List

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!
I wanted to post about some fun stuff I'm lusting after ;)
Something that's more exciting than laundry
and cleaning hahahahaha ;)

I've mentioned this before but I REALLY REALLY
want this:

And yes, in the white ;)
I think Siri is hilarious and I wanna chat with her all day long
(Although for the sake of the other Siri I love her too
and would chat all day long with her ;) )

Other things I've been lusting after:

Aren't they beautiful??
I really want that chair for when Rory gets here and 
when I'll be up at insane hours with her ;)
We can both curl up in there and take a nice nap ;)

Lovely right??
So each picture has a link to where you can find it
or you can go to my Pinterest board

What's on your lust list?? ;)

14 January 2012


Firstly let me say thank you for all the encouraging words
you sent me ;)
I'm glad that you all still enjoy reading my random posts and that I shouldn't feel discouraged.
It truly helped me more than you can imagine ;)
I'm so grateful for such wonderful blog/real world friends
(although I consider you ALL real world friends for the record) ;)

I decided I wanted to show you what I had done with my new nail polish!
Now please know that I am NOT a nail artist,
and I haven't painted my nails is a really long time ok??
Ok here's the color I used for my fingernails:

It's called "Dive Bar".
It's basically a dark shimmery teal color and I love it!
Please forgive the "ragged edges" of my fingers ;)
My kids at school liked it too hahahaha
they asked me if my baby liked the color and if that was why I chose it ;)
They're so cute and funny no??

Then last night,
while bored and watching both Mummy movies
(not a fan of the 3rd one, nor Scorpion King...uck)
I did my toes!
Again, forgive my messy delivery hahahaha

The blue is called "Mesmerized"
and then just the plain white color they have.
I used a pin from my sweing kit to help make the dots
(hence the sketchy and misplaced dots hahahaha)

I haven't done my nails myself in years!
I usually pay for a pedicure and get acrylic nails done
(whenever I can afford it - like dances, birthdays, wedding, etc)
So this was way better for my wallet and it took up some time
and kept me occupied ;)
I do enjoy a project of sorts and this was a great time-spender!!

I also want to say that I seriously have the BEST husband in the world.
He is so loving and sweet to me even when I don't deserve it,
or feel completely discouraged.
He is always there with a hug and a kiss.
He's willing to talk to me when I either wake him up
or keep him up late
cuz I've had something on my mind
and I need to talk to him about it.
I love having his support in everything I do
and I love supporting him in everything he does.

Currently he's seeking other employment so we can get medical coverage
for us and our baby.
(We're covered under our parents for now)
and so that I hopefully don't have to go back to work after
she's born.
That's our goal and prayer is that he can find something
that allows me to not have to work so I can be a SAHM ;)
That's been my goal since I was a little girl and 
Andrew is wonderful for trying his hardest to make it happen!
Now if it doesn't happen,
we'll still be fine ;)
I've got plenty of baby-sitters I can use hahahahaha

But if anyone here in the valley hears of anything promising
(full-time preferred but if he can get benefits part-time)
and for more than 10 an hour
PLEASE email me and let me know!
He also just really wants to change workplaces
you know??

And once again, thank you loves for being the greatest
blog buddies in the whole world!