18 December 2011

Year in Retrospect

I've been thinking about this past year,
and it's been a crazy one ;)

First few weeks of being a married couple
Chopped my hair off to re-grow it out

 Got Andrew through this crazy year of school
Went on two trips to Disneyland - one with my family and one with just my mom

Got our callings as Sunbeam teachers ;)
Got our pictures taken thanks to Perla
Got hooked on Pinterest
Saw the end of an era with Harry Potter 7 part 2
Celebrated our birthdays
Found out we're going to have a baby!
Spent our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple
And now our second Christmas as a married couple

And I can't wait for more years to come!


  1. Looks like it was a beautiful year! :)

  2. what a busy and exciting year! And I love that picture on the roller coaster, hahah!

  3. Wow! What an amazing year you guys have had! :) So glad to share it with you through the bloggie blog! :)

  4. Thank you so much for linking! I was actually trying to find this post so I could email you and ask you to link it up. But you're way ahead of me :)

    I really appreciate it! Thanks!

  5. Happy end of 2011, and good luck with the new baby, 2012, and all it brings!

  6. What a beautiful and challenging year. Congrats on the new little bundle though - what an amazing blessing! Good luck in 2012 :)


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