10 December 2011


I thought I should kinda update you on how the apartment looks!
All decked out for Christmas and starting to look more like a home than just an empty 
place with white walls  ;)

I LOVE this new apartment!
Having the extra space is just a dream come true!
Especially the poor will-be-baby's-room-but-right-now-it's-the-junk-room room

We kinda throw things in there and shut the door
so people can't see where most of our stuff is hahahaha

Ok so above the fireplace is:

Andrew did it a little different from the last apartment,
and we actually have our fireplace unhindered so if we wanted to use
it we could, although I have no idea how it works! Hahahaha

In my family a big Christmas tradition is
decorating with Annalee dolls:

Aren't their faces so cute!?
(The elf on my lamp in the dining area is also an Annalee)
I started getting these dolls when I turned 18
(I think....pretty sure)
and so now I have my own little collection ;)
The bigger Santa Claus was my first one and I LOVE him!
Just look at that cute piping on his jacket and the buttons!

Moving on,
now I also have a mini-hallway:

I know it's not a whole lot,
but I like the little things that help make it homey ;)
And faith had to go by the hall light 
I mean come on! ;)
It was perfect placement.

Now the only things I have to figure out where to place are my
Disney snowglobes:

And trust me when I say that I sold a couple
but I had to keep the too-cute-for-words ones ;)
That Fantasia one at the bottom is one of my favorites!
And that Cinderella one,
got it for $10 after the box was damaged AND it was on 50% sale ;)
Oh yeah!

Last night I also made the hubs anniversary gift ;)
It's gonna be super cute and fun!
And I tried to wrap Christmas gifts....I need to re-do them hahahaha

Don't forget to enter the little giveaway for my blogiversary!
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P.S. I made these with my kinder kids!

Aren't they adorable?!
Theirs look even cuter than my humongous fingers,
thank you Pinterest!


  1. The new place looks so great!! :) and our guest room is just like the baby's room! Haha.


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