30 December 2011

Our Anniversary

I can't believe I forgot to write down what we did for our anniversary!
So our anniversary was the 16th and we both had to work which kinda stunk
but we tried to make the best of it ;)
At my work, we did gingerbread houses with my kinders
which was a blast!
My parents came and Andrew came with me too ;)
After the gingerbread, we helped the kids with lunch,
then my parents surprised us by taking us out to lunch to Olive Garden!
My favorite place and Andrew loves it too.
It was such a fun and nice time with my parentals ;)
We hadn't gotten to see them for awhile so it was nice to catch up with them ;)

Then Andrew went to work til like midnight
and then back to work the next moring at 8.
He's such a hard worker.
When he came home that night I had heart attacked the apartment
and printed out reasons why I love him and put those
up on the walls next to the hearts ;)
He loved it!

The next night we went to hang out with a few of my Disney Store pals
which was one of the best times in a long time ;)
I miss my Disney family so it was great to catch up with them too ;)
For our anniversary, I made him this little project

This is way cuter than the one I actually made,
I got the idea from Pinterest (of course)
and I accidentally duplicated 2 of them
but Andrew said it was ok ;)
He keeps them next to the bed on his nightstand.

We had made all these grand plans,
trips we wanted to take,
things we wanted to do,
then we decided to not do any of those things.
We knew that our greatest joy was knowing that we were gonna become parents
and we wanted to take things easy
and just spend time together and picture our little one 
that will be with us the next year ;)
I'm the luckiest lady in the world


  1. I love that idea for a gift. Good work!! And Olive Garden? Yes, please.

  2. Cute gift! Sounds like a nice anniversary!

  3. I love that gift idea! And sometimes it's nice to just take it easy on your anniversary. As I recall... Hubby and I went and got tacos for our one year. lol

  4. Such a sweet little wifey you are! Happy anniversary again! And Happy 2012!

  5. LOVE this blog! So great. Heart attacking the apartment is such a great idea! I might steal it sometime ;) And I love the 52 reasons book, too. I'm not sure I'm that crafty, though...


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