02 December 2011

New Apartment!!

Ok so moving was WAY easier this year than last year!
Even though I wasn't able to do much,
baby was difficult and I had fevers all through the day 
(it got comical after awhile).
Andrew wouldn't let me do a whole lot so that 
I didn't get worse or strain the baby,
he was very sweet ;)
We also had so many people helping us it was amazing!
My mom and brother came, my sister-in-law came,
my visiting teacher came (yeah I know shocked right!?), 
and our friend Laurie came
and she borught a new friend for us to meet too 
(yay for more people that know us in the ward!)

What was even greater for us that I was forever grateful
was Laurie and her husband Adam (and son Hyrum)
brought us some homemade chili and cornbread
cuz they figured we hadn't eaten yet 
and they were right,
I hadn't even noticed what time it was!
After they left, I cried from sheer gratitude of friends and family
that know our needs before I even do!

Ok now the part you've all been waiting for,
the pictures ;)
See I remembered!
I didn't take pictures of the people since I looked gross
and didn't want to embarrass anyone ;)

Ok so we moved from this:

Little itty bitty now that we have THIS:

 This will be the baby's room ;)

Ok let me explain the random door running into the toliet picture:
So the apartment is a 2 bed 1 3/4 bath.
As in 1 toliet and 2 shower/tubs.
When they first built the apartment there was a wall 
separating the toliet from both showers,
then they put in a door so you could get to the john from either shower,
then they finally decided to just take out the wall and so that door to the other shower
totally hits you if you happen to leave it open......
super awkward and I felt like I was being stalked by a door hahahahaha

So who loves the tree??
I do I do I do!!
My in-laws gave it to us,
(thanks Mom and Dad Mills!)
friend Laurie set it up,
and my brother put the lights on and decorated it!
Also don't you love the little elf on the lamp??
I do!
That was also my brother's idea
(he's really good at that kinda thing)

Ok now I will end my novel!
Have a happy wekend!
Can you believe it's December!?!??!
Yay for anniversary and Christmas month!


  1. Yay! So glad you're all moved in! :] Your new place looks great! Especially since you've got some awesome Christmas decorations!!

  2. Hurray for being all moved in! Have a nice weekend!

  3. YAY for new apartments!!! So fun. And I love your tree! We just finished setting ours up and I am so so so happy!


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