28 December 2011

More December Fun!

 I wanted to share how Andrew told me what my present was
on Christmas morning ;)
He handed me 2 gifts and told me to open and so I opened the first one
and I found this in the box:

A rice copy of the camera he bought me hahahaha ;)
Andrew told me that it was back-ordered so it wasn't coming til January
but I was still super excited!

Then last I opened his other gift to me
and lo and behold, 
the REAL camera was in there!
Hahahahaha the stinker!
Apparently it came WAY before it was supposed to so it was a surprise to him too!
Awesome right??
I am the luckiest girl ever!

My parents also gave us a year subscription to
Entertainment Weekly magazine!

Also, everyone knows that these are the BEST chocolate cherries in the entire world right?

They come in Dark and Milk but oh....
it's not Christmas without chocolate cherries ;)

Yesterday Andrew and I went to Red Robin
cuz baby really wanted my Banzai burger
and then I could kinda test out my camera somewhere other than the apartment!

Like I said, baby really wanted that burger ;)
And Andrew really likes those fries hahahaha
I have to have them half my burger cuz I can only eat half at a time
so I'm hoping to eat the rest today
while I'm at home!

Anyone else doing something super fun today??
Also, random question,
are maternity pictures popular?
Or only done for certain things?
I haven't decided if I want to have them taken (obviously when I'm farther along)
or not cuz I think it's slightly odd to take pictures of my belly,
but hey if they're cute,
I like cute hahahaha ;)

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  1. I love Red Robin! YUM! Their Freckled Lemonade is my fav!

    And do the maternity pictures! I think they are cute! Even if you just have a friend or relative take them!

  2. Pretty sure maternity pictures are insanely popular... Do it. ;) That burger looks so YUMMY! You dirty tease... haha.

  3. Love me some Red Robin. I joke that I have the appetite of a pregnant woman now. I think I will turn into a bottomless pit once I start growin' a baby. YIKES!

    My thoughts on prego pics: First, please know this is coming from someone who never asks to touch someone's belly when they're pregnant, and finds the overall pregnancy stuff kind of awkward. And as much as I'd like a baby someday, I don't think I will be one of those women who says she feels uber sexy when pregnant. I also think I will feel the need to have naked belly pics of myself. I hate my stomach now as a non-pregnant person. Pretty sure (but maybe not?) I won't be wanting pictures of my tummy all stretch marked out. I know it's suppose to be beautiful and stuff, but I just don't think I will be for it. I could see myself taking some pictures, but they will most definitely not be posted on Facebook or my blog. Ha! Sorry if that was too much of an opinion. Eeek!

  4. I hate when I leave one word out of a sentence and it completely messes it up. The word NOT is missing from that epic rant up there. In case that didn't make sense. ;)

  5. Yes! Do the maternity pics. You should definitely be tasteful about it though... I've seen some that just make me cringe. Like... naked with nothing but a sheet and the big belly. Not. Cool. But I've seen a few that are absolutely adorable. I am definitely one of the people who thinks that late-term pregnancy pics and newborn baby pics are a necessity.
    They don't even have to be super special. Find someone with a good camera who can take decent pics, and voila! You have your preggo pictures! hehehe

  6. aw how fun! What a cute way of showing you your gift : )
    I'd say paternity pictures are fun! At least for you to document your time being pregnant.


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