04 December 2011

Interesting questions

Emma over at Race and Emma tagged me in this cute questionaire
so here goes:

1. What's a nickname your family calls you?

Um Ali, Baby Girl, Pumpkin, Boo, and many more that I'm SOOO not putting here hahahaha

2. What's a weird habit of yours?

I'm always super tired but then once we get in bed,
I remember everything that I needed to talk to Andrew about
and it all comes out in a weird nonstop jumbled mess hahahahaha

3. Do you have any weird phobias?

None that I can think of
but I'm terrified of spiders, sharks and snakes......ugh

4. What's a song you sercretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

I belt out all sorts of songs whether I'm alone or poor Andrew has to listen
heeheeheeheeheehee ;)
But I do love me some Tay-Tay ;)

5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

you're VS your and they're VS their VS there!!
People pay attention in your English class!!!!!

6. What's one of your nervous habits?

I ramble and my knees shake.

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Andrew and I switch every now and then so right now
I'm on the left side but I was on the right for awhile.

8. What was your first stuffed animal and what was its name?

It was a cat and I called it Kitty, she had a bell in her tail too ;)
Then I got Puppy after my mom used Kitty as a great
punishment for potty training purposes lol

9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order from Starbucks?

Well if we ever go there I usually get a frappicino (sp?) of some sort

10. What's the beauty rule you preach.....but don't actually practice?

Um......I don't wear makeup or anything but I always accept help from people
so leave me some helpful tips hahahahaha

11. Which way do you face in the shower?

Odd question hahahaha but away from the shower head most of the time ;)

12. Do you have any "weird body skills"?

Not that I know of...although right now thanks to the baby
I can pop my hip at pretty much any time hahahaha

13. What's your favorite "comfort food"/food that's "bad" but you love to eat it anyways?

Pretty much anything that's sweet or greasy hahahaha
though right now there's not much cuz baby's picky

14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?

"Dagflabbit!" "You crazy monkeys!"

15. Time to sleep- what are you actually wearing?

I sleep in a pj shirt and my g's ;)
If it's cold I add socks to the ensemble hahahaha

Now I will tag these ladies:

Whitney from Writing on a Whim

Kaycie from Redhead Memories

and anyone else who wishes to do it too!! ;)

Now you know a little bit more about this crazy girl hahaha


  1. Thanks for tagging me Ali! I will have fun doing this tomorrow. My biggest peeve is people spelling those words wrong too. I always want to say something, but I never do. haha

  2. Woohoo! I'm so glad you did it!! :) And I love the phrase that you always say! Haha. So funny!

  3. That's one of my biggest pet peeves, too! But I'm just waiting for the day when I mess up and someone calls me out on it. Haha. And I have very flexible, very double-jointed hands. That is my weird body skill. In case you were wondering. Hahaha


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