21 December 2011

Getting close to 4 months!!!

Ok so some have asked about my baby bump and 
sometimes it just feels like it looks "beer belly" ish
(and no I don't drink, never have and never will!)
But since losing a little weight and getting farther along,
it's gotten to look slightly more like a bump than just a humongous stomach ;)

 And yes, this isn't the best picture of it and I know
that but I can only do so much when I'm home alone trying to figure out
how to make it look good.....
so be nice to me ok?? ;)

I'm coming up on 4 months into this pregnancy!
Holy cow!
Some things that have definitely let up since getting
into my second trimester are:
- my nausea has lessened some
(although it also comes back with full force when just the right smell hits)
- I have some energy finally
- I can eat food sometimes which is nice ;)
(I crave my Red Robin Banzai Burger all the time!
And I was able to eat some of the dinner at 
our family Progressive Christmas Dinner on Sunday!)

I'm constantly looking forward to becoming a mother!
I talk to Peanut a lot and try to make them feel loved
and how excited I am for them to come into our lives ;)
This baby has been such a huge blessing in our lives,
has brought Andrew and I closer together as our baby grows.
Andrew talks to our baby too and it warms my heart ;)

I can't wait to find out who our little Peanut will turn into.
A teacher, cop, dancer, baseball player, etc
And we only have to wait a few more weeks then we'll find out
if Peanut's a boy or girl!!


  1. Cute belly! And I love Red Robin! That is the place I would go to with my girl friends in high school/college all the time. Yummy!

  2. Congrats! So exciting! I love reading new mommy posts!


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