26 December 2011

Christmas with the family

I had the BEST Christmas on the planet!
My little brother did homemade gifts this year and they were wonderful!
He made me a paper lantern (like from Tangled) to put in the baby's room ;)
My grandparents gave us grandkids tickets to Wicked in February!!
Andrew hasn't seen it before so I'm super excited to watch it with him!!

The hubs gave me a new camera!

Isn't she beautiful?!
I love her so much!!
I had said that we should get a slightly better camera
for when Peanut is born cuz I'll be obsessed with picture taking ;)
If you click on th picture it'll take you to the site
for specs (cuz I don't know them hahahaha)

I was super excited for this though:

My mom made me a quilt from my old shirts!! ;)
It took her three painful months (her words)
and this describes pretty much my whole jr high - now life ;)
Here's some highlights:

This is from the pin event I worked while at Disneyland!

These from my first trip to NY!

One of the ones from high school
(I graduated in 2007, and this was our junior year shirt:
so year 11 in school and we're the class of '07 hence the
7/11 reference)

This was from a shirt my grandpa gave me when he was dragracing
way back in the day ;)

All in all, it was a great Christmas
and one of the best parts was getting to talk to my brother Nick on his mission
in Pennsylvania ;)
We talked about how excited he is to be an uncle,
how much he loves being out there and loves the people and the work he's doing ;)
It was great to hear him so happy out there!

We had a really fun day opening gifts together,
going to church,
eating Swedes (like crepes),
and Christmas dinner of twice-baked potatoes and roast ;)

I hope your holidays were merry and bright ;)
Today I get to spend more time with my fam
seeing Mission Impossible 4 and  going to a family function later on!
I love this time of year!


  1. I've always wanted to do a t-shirt blanket! Very cool! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Awesome camera...should make for capturing some great memories!

  3. i love my cybershot. it's lasted me 3-4 years. and it takes really good videos.

    never seen wicked but i've always wanted to!


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