14 December 2011

Christmas and oh baby baby...

Sorry I've been so MIA again lately.
This baby has really lowered my immune system,
and therefore I catch everything
that my kindergarteners have
and it makes eating even harder than it already was.
But I defintely sleep more,
if I could make a living out of sleeping I'd be making hundreds by now
by sheer hours of naps and trying to sleep through the night.

I don't know if any other pregnant ladies have had this
issue this early on with having trouble sleeping.
I'm only 3 1/2 months along but already I have many problems
sleeping at night and especially through the night.
Any help with that??
I'll do just about anything,
and you guys are the best with advice ;)

I'm getting even more excited for Christmas,
hoping I can eat the dinner hahahaha,
and I can't wait to talk to my brother out in Pennsylvania!
He comes back home next September
and we've decided to wait to bless our baby til he gets home
so he can be a part of that ;)
He missed our wedding so this should make it up to him
in at least some small way ;)
I'm one very proud and excited sister and I can't wait to talk to him
and hear his happy crazy voice!

I also can't wait for everyone to open their gifts from us,
I think we've done pretty dang good this year!
I love our family traditions.
On Christmas Eve we watch the cartoon Grinch,
read the Christmas Story from Luke,
and then Grandpa reads the Christmas Bells
and we all cry by the end of it ;)

And this year on Christmas morning we're gonna have crepes
before church at 11:30,
go to church with the whole family,
then back to my parents house for presents and dinner ;)
(my in-laws will be on a cruise so we're having ours later)

I just love Christmas ;)
Always have, always will especially next year when we'll have our little
Peanut with us, and my brother will be back from his mission ;)

So if anyone has ideas to help me sleep please let me know!



  1. That will be so nice to have your brother in the blessing circle!

    Sounds like you all have a fun Christmas family tradition!

  2. I get to Skype with my brother on Christmas, and I'm also way excited to see him and hear his voice!

  3. I have no advice for the whole sleeping thing but I hope you figure something out! That does not sound like fun! That's so exciting that you get to talk to your brother! I haven't gotten to talk to my brother his entire mission. He gets home in a year from Bulgaria!! :] So exciting that in a year you will have an adorable little one!

  4. Oh, honey....don't expect to sleep through the night from here on out. You should try to invest in one of those pregnancy pillows - they're fantastic, but it's really like put a band aid on a bullet wound. Once you find some comfy way to sleep the waking up in the middle of the night to pee business will start. One morning you will wake up and realize you didn't wake up at all and it will be the happiest day of your pregnancy (save for the last), but those are few and far between. That's why you should sleep whenever you can! Don't worry, someday our peanut will sleep through the night and you'll finally get good sleep!


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